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Experience the Sweet Sounds of Cam Ransom With His Latest Release, "Reflections"

The Long Beach-based Songwriter, Producer, and Multi-Instrumentalist Cam Ransom releases a mellow and laid-back instrumental titled, "Reflections."

While being the vocalist and guitar player for The Overrides, Bi-Product, and OCA, Cam Ransom recently decided to venture solo. Not to mention scoring multiple Kevin Smith films and continuing to score future movies and documentaries, Cam Ransom is ready to take the industry by storm. 

With his chill instrumental "Reflections," Cam Ransom takes listeners on a two-minute ride through daydreamy electric guitar melodies, mid-tempo drum patterns, and the subtlest of background pads. Without a single vocal, Cam Ransom is able to transport us into bliss through his calming performance. 

Opening "Reflections" with captivating electric guitar strumming and snappy snares in the background, Cam Ransom gradually builds the instrumentals to deliver an incredibly heartfelt and picturesque atmosphere. 

With multiple rhythmic breakdowns and drum solos/guitar solos, the instrumental offers this California vibe through its tender and mellow approach. The instrumental arrangement is truly sublime, as Cam Ransom has meticulously placed each aspect of the song to emphasize its overall warmth and texture.

We can't help but drift away into space with Cam Ransom's laid-back instrumental performance on "Reflections," and we're excited to see his name roll through the credits for future motion pictures. 

Congratulations on your recent solo venture into the music industry. What pushed you to take this independent leap? 

During every project, I end writing a bunch of stuff.  In the early stages of conceptualizing, I end up writing all kinds of different genres, trying out different things until I find the right fit for the project.  A by-product of that process is I wind up with a lot of unused but interesting ideas.  Cam Ransom's songs are a mix of the unused songs and ideas I've been wanting to record but for no reason in particular never got around to.

Regarding your laid-back instrumental "Reflections," how did you tweak your instrumentation to deliver this warm and tender atmosphere?

Reflections is a song I wrote about 20 years ago, but I could never find a fit for the song in any project or band I was in.  In that span, I've had a lot of time to re-work and re-imagine the song.  The recording reflects (no pun intended) an evolution of musical tastes and appreciation for different genres.  I basically wanted the song to evoke a laid-back but somber feeling.

We've heard you're releasing an album very soon, titled "Reflections." How does the single "Reflections" represent the album's vibe or concept?

The four songs on the album all kind of "reflect" one another.  The first song is an acoustic version of "Reflections", followed by the title track which is the produced version, and in that way, they reflect each other.  The third song "Level Up" and the fourth song "Finish Line" share the same notes, chord progressions, and a lot of the same instruments, and in that way, those two reflect one another as well.  When listening to the album as a whole, the four songs all bounce off or reflect off each other.

We've heard that you've scored multiple Kevin Smith films, as well as other movies and documentaries. Has film scoring made any sort of impact on your personal sound and music?

Film scoring has improved every aspect of my personal sound, songwriting, and composing.  It opened doors to new concepts, instruments, and genres in a way that would've more difficult for me to open if I was to try and discover them blindly.  It forces you to mature as a musician, listen and learn about different genres and think outside the box

What can your fans anticipate to hear next from you?

I'm currently scoring a feature full-length film which should be out sometime next year, and my band The Overrides are also releasing our 2nd EP "Attention" this Winter.  As far as Cam Ransom stuff is concerned, I plan to release a new album of 4 or more songs at the beginning of 2021!



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