Experience the Sweltering Sonics of American Hotel System With Their EP, 'Live at Dogtown Studio'

Coming in from Michigan, the 5-piece Rock band American Hotel System releases a one-shot music video for their entire EP titled 'Live at Dogtown Studio.'

After garnering inspiration for the EP through our physical separation, American Hotel System takes us through scorching tracks to lift our spirits once again.

Fresh off of our 'Top Ten Acts of 2019,' we've seen the likes of the 5-piece American Hotel System grow exponentially through their powerhouse sound and their increasing fanbase. Now releasing their EP 'Live at Dogtown Studio,' American Hotel System mentioned that over quarantine, the band would share zoom calls, texts, e-mails, acting as musical postcards that connected the band again.

Opening their EP 'Live at Dogtown Studio,' with the introduction track "The Feeling," American Hotel System quickly sends us into a blazing atmosphere. As the song begins with tight percussion cymbals, a mellow electric guitar, and a plucky bassline, the band has our energies at a high within the very first seconds. As the lead vocalist begins to pour his warm and anthemic vocals over, he starts singing a story of having your mind race on end and seeking the feeling of thrill once again. Through each melodic Rock instrumental, we're feeling lifted after the EP's first track.

Moving on to the second track, "Loyalty," the song begins with a fiery electric guitar solo and drops into a whole and hard-hitting sound through the entire sweltering instrumentation from American Hotel System. Fueling this song with energy and an up-tempo beat, we love how the lead vocalist heightens the song's strength through his rhythmic and unique vocal delivery that captures our undivided attention. We can't help but feel this 60s Surf-Rock atmosphere, especially around the hook, as American Hotel System pushes through with infectious melodies and rhythm that get us up and moving.

Slowing it down with the third piece, "21st," we hear a beautiful electric guitar melody open the track while the lead vocalist begins singing of our 21st century and the modern-day turmoil it's been drenched with. While American Hotel System gradually begins to increase their instrumentals, we're met with more of a reflective tone as the band drops their soothing sounds for listeners to take in stride. We can't get enough of American Hotel System's tightly-wound instrumentals, as they offer this sense of sonic strength while the lead vocalist continues to sing lyricism that we can all relate to.

Reaching the end of the EP with the outro track, "Talk, Inc.," American Hotel System jumps into the fire right off the bat through their upbeat and incredibly rhythmic instrumentals. Especially through the plucky electric guitar and the sweltering sensation from the bass licks, we're heavily intrigued by the hefty outro the band offers.

Firing through the first minute with nothing but the heated instrumentals, the lead vocalist enters the song and drops his playful and poised lyricism for listeners to sing along with this anthemic piece. Through the outro track, we can hear the utmost strength, passion, and life that American Hotel System offers within their EP.

American Hotel System has done an impeccable job of delivering ear-pleasing and foot-tapping tunes when we need it most, and their entire EP 'Live at Dogtown Studio' allows listeners to bang their heads with the band's sweltering sonics and relatable lyricism.

We also must note the passionate performance we've witnessed through American Hotel System's music video for their EP, 'Live at Dogtown Studio,' as we see the five beating hearts forget the outside world and energetically deliver their mastered craft.