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Experience Unique R&B Through Specyal T’s Dynamic Album 'A Specyal Remedy'

Toronto’s own Specyal T returns to the stage with her long-awaited album, ten years in the making 'A Specyal Remedy.' After years of experience in the industry and adding doses of projects to her “Dose of Distinction” trilogy, Specyal T has carefully placed the final touches on the layered trilogy. Having 500+ shows under her belt and a variety of radio airplay across the world, her music has never failed to speak whole-hearted messages. Specyal T unfortunately, experienced the loss of her daughter three years back; with this life-altering event, she uses her music to overcome obstacles and pay tribute to her late daughter with heartfelt lyricism.

Specyal T’s album 'A Specyal Remedy' opens with the groovy R&B intro track “Box Food.” As the hi-fi kick opens on its own, Specyal T’s vocals open full of breath and passion sang in an intriguing low octave. Also, incorporating a jazz approach through melodic piano and warm bass lines, “Box Food,” is a groove we can get down to every day. Moving into a more mid-tempo approach to jazz/blues with “Yorkshire Pudding,” Specyal T exudes sexuality on this song, pulling in a sensual and vibe through her detailed lyrics of fantasies and getting lost in thought over someone. The underlying jazz beat perfectly lets Specyal T’s vocals stand clear on their own.

Opening with serene electric guitar, the next song “Three” brings a mellow atmosphere from the beginning with a soft down-tempo beat. Specyal T’s layered vocals serve us harmonic melodies that are the highlight of the album so far. With an incredibly unique style emphasized on “Three,” she takes another beautiful love song to an authentic level. Keeping the melodic electric guitar moving with the next track, “Even Tho,” Specyal T finds another way to appreciate someone by letting them know she could never spend too much time with them. With mesmerizing low octave notes again, Specyal T vocalizes similar to Missy Elliot, with power and poise.

Bringing the modern R&B vibes back up with “Your Place” Specyal T emphasizes how she feels her best when around her significant other, and how they bring out the best in her. This track radiates ambiance with a mix of modern R&B and a light touch of vibrant deep house. We love her dynamic transitions between songs, with Specyal T’s next track, “I’m Good,” she takes another sultry approach and brings a heated and sensual atmosphere. She sings, “If you wanna kick it for the night, I’m good,” overtop down-tempo keys and peaceful R&B production.

Emphasizing her low and airy vocals at the beginning of “Last Supper,” Specyal T brings a deep and dark mix of electronic, R&B, and even alternative through blistering synths, h-fi crashes, and hard-hitting kicks. She sings lyrics that channel imagery from the last supper and brings forward messages of overcoming struggle and adversity—moving forward to the bright vibe with “Peanut Butta Jealous feat. Jayde Wilson”, the keyboards open the song with melodic and warm chords bringing in a light atmosphere. While Jayde Wilson and Specyal T go back and forth with lyrics of staying true to yourself, they bring forward a message we can easily takeaway.

The next track, “Remind Me,” opens with an upbeat vibe through keyboards similar to Drake’s “Hotline Bling.” While making it entirely her own, Specyal T speeds up the beat and adds layers of intriguing R&B production. She raps lyrics of her significant other, and how she effortlessly comes alive when they’re around. Ending off her album with the celestial vibe set on the outro track “Already Done (Part 2)”, Specyal T brings a conceptual piece of running out of time and speaking your truth before it’s too late. With unique R&B/new beat production and added violin strings, “Already Done (Part 2)”, serves a deeply captivating piece. The entire album 'A Specyal Remedy' was a captivating piece. From Specyal T’s unique vocal delivery to her array of atmospheres, the album is not one to miss.

You can find 'A Specyal Remedy' here.

Hey Specyal T, welcome to BuzzMusic! We’re in awe with your unique and layered album 'A Specyal Remedy.' Seeing as you’ve been releasing music for about 10 years, how does “A Specyal Remedy” standout from the rest of your discography?

Thanks for having me BuzzMusic! Much respect! “ASpecyalRemedy” is the third installment of my “Dose Of Distinction” trilogy; the final dose. 

Speaking on Specyal T’s recent album 'A Specyal Remedy' you incorporate a variety of moods and atmospheres that tell a whole storyline. Could you take us through your creative process when finding what sounds and instrumentals worked best with the album?

I chose to work with a couple of new producers on this project along with one that I’ve worked with for a few years now. With specific concepts already in place, I spoke with my long-time producer to work on selected ones. I also searched through the new producer’s catalogs and selected instrumentation that suited each idea which I then penned.  

We’ve heard that Specyal T has released a few projects under your “Dose of Distinction” trilogy. How did you want 'A Specyal Remedy' to end off the trilogy, and what did you want to leave listeners with?

Yes this is the final installment of my “Dose Of Distinction” trilogy. It started with my debut album “Dose Of Distinction” followed by my sophomore album “Dose Of Distinction 2.” As this one is a Remedy, I wanted to tie up any loose ends and leave listeners satisfied but naturally wanting more (with future projects). 

Now that Specyal T has put the last touch on your trilogy with 'A Specyal Remedy,' is there any song within 'A Specyal Remedy' that you resonate most with, or speaks to you the most?

I wanted this final dose to have a little something for everyone to enjoy. With that said, I can’t pinpoint just one song that resonates with me personally as they all do in different ways. It’s musical soul food. 

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

A continued evolution of Specyal T. Same vision, sharper focus! 


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