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Experience Yet Another Brilliant Kacey Fifield Remix With “Ghost (Jay Bird Remix)”

The Los Angeles-based award-winning singer-songwriter and pop recording artist Kacey Fifield returns with another lively remix by California-based producer Jay Bird entitled "Ghost (Jay Bird Remix)."

Kacey Fifield is no stranger to remixes; in fact, most of her songs are often sought out by producers around the United States to enhance them and give them a groovy and passionate electronic feel. Kacey Fifield is also passionate about humanitarian issues and uses her platform to shed light on necessary topics and spark needed conversations.

Jay Bird recently got ahold of Kacey Fifield's song, "Ghost," and felt compelled to make his own electronic and emotional version. Although the original song is deeply emotional and features Kacey Fifield's gripping vocals and boundless passion, Jay Bird's remix is truly the perfect way to make a great song even better.

Hitting play on the new remix, "Ghost (Jay Bird Remix)," the tune kicks off with airy background pads and glimmering keyboard melodies that rain through our speakers with nothing but heart and passion. As Kacey Fifield makes her vibrant and recognizable vocal appearance, she begins to expand on a troubled relationship while attempting to navigate her way through.

As a warm kick begins to tap through our speakers, we make our way to the beat drop. Jay Bird absolutely bulldozed this track with the utmost modernity and emotion, perfectly conveying Kacey Fifield's deepened emotions through the art of sonic mastery. As we groove our way to the outro, endless chills run up the spine, and we're left searching for the repeat button.

Get your fix of sonic and organic emotion with Jay Bird's latest remix of Kacey Fifield's single, "Ghost." Find "Ghost (Jay Bird Remix)," on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Kacey Fifield. We love the remixes of your songs, especially the latest, "Ghost (Jay Bird Remix)." What inspired you to write the original passionate and emotional song?

It's great to be back! I originally based this song on an accumulation of experiences rather than a specific event. I've had my fair share of lost friendships, and it can definitely be hard to look back on memories with that person without feeling melancholy and nostalgic.

How did the remix for "Ghost" come about? Did you know Jay Bird before he reached out to remix your song?

The remix came from a want to reinvent the original song with a special melodic future bass spin! While Jay Bird and I have not worked together before this, I've certainly been a fan of his work and am very glad that we got the chance to collaborate in this way

Why are you so open to producers remixing your songs? Do you often enjoy the final product?

It's always so interesting to see each producer's new take on my songs. Their perspectives add so much variety in style to my discography and I always love the final product!

What do you hope to make the listener feel and experience when listening to "Ghost (Jay Bird Remix)?"

I want listeners to feel understood and be able to relate if they've had similar experiences. Also, this remix is more upbeat than the original so it will be a great addition to dance parties around the holidays! I want my listeners to have fun with "Ghost" and remember happy moments with special people in their lives.

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