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Experimental Finland-Based Project Kierobeat Collaborate With Jopo On “Free From Feelings”

Hailing from Finland, Kierobeat is an eclectic melding of musicians that flawlessly bend the rules of hip-hop, EDM and any genre they feel like. They unapologetically create vast soundscapes for their listeners to find a moment of escapism from day-to-day life. 

In a recent collaboration with Jopo, Kierobeat release “Free From Feelings” a raw and powerful new single. This track blends alternative instrumentals, and smooth bass into a hip-hop melody. Groundbreaking and experimental, Kierobeat is not afraid of the unique. Among this, the melody, lyricism, and the leading voice all draw your focus well. Your attention is on the storyline initially, this deeply personal and honest offering of experience and difficulty. By the time the hook hits you’re completely locked in. At just over three minutes long, the further you get into this session, the more “Free From Feelings” seems to connect. The track is not only relatable and compelling, but it hits hard and truly showcases musicianship at its finest. As musicians, Kierobeat bring an important touch of realness to music. “Free From Feelings” is a well written and interesting piece of music. In my opinion, the live version would be the perfect way to experience it.

Listen to “Free From Feelings” here and read more with Kierobeat below! 

Hello Kierobeat! We're so excited to be featuring you and your latest release "Free From Feelings" on BuzzMusic! What is the music scene like in Finland?

Hi! Very excited to be featured, thanks!  The rap scene is booming in Finland right now (like all around the world) and especially amongst the youth. We have a lot of

great metal, rock and punk bands boiling under the surface. Many bands (especially metal and

punk) tour and are famous around the world. Finland is mostly known as a metal and punk country. 

Can you tell us more about who makes up Kierobeat and when and how you were originally formed?

Kierobeat is a collaboration of multi-instrumentalist musicians with a 

background of playing in many different bands (together and separate) in many different genres along the years and years. We've been friends way before we started this project.

we chose to stay anonymous and maintain some mystery element to Kierobeat. 

I think it was around 2012 when we really started making music together: beats, EDM, pop, rock, 

metal... you name it. We have 100+ instrumentals in store but at the moment with Kierobeat we are

focused mainly on hip-hop and EDM. 

We'll see what the future brings and what kind of beast we evolve into! 

What predominant message was integrated within "Free From Feelings" that you hope your listeners take away from it?

"Free From Feelings" is a precautionary tale of addiction. The singer Jopo has battled with drugs and alcohol half his life but is now living a sober life. You can easily lose yourself, your mental health, your money and in the worst case your life to drugs, alcohol, gambling or basically any addiction, especially in today's world where it's like take your pick. The overall message is to be careful when you're fucking with addictive shit, everything in moderation.

The vocals in "Free From Falling" are so unique! Have you collaborated with Jopo before? 

The uniqueness probably comes from Jopo's musical background. He has a rock/metal/punk background and is the lead singer/guitarist of a legendary Finnish punk band Rattus and has basically toured all around the world. Jopo is our go-to-guy when we need a singer/rapper for our tracks. We have a lot of songs with Jopo recorded, finished and ready to go. Our next song "Spare Parts" is also featuring Jopo and right now we're finishing a music video for it. It's coming out in about a month or so and would love to be featured on BuzzMusic again! We also made beats/engineered/produced Jopo's rap duo's Jopo & Joku Jussi's "EKA" EP and we are heavily involved with the project: songs, live shows etc. 

Thank you so much for talking with us about your single and creative process. Can you describe how your performances feel? Do you enjoy live shows, or do you prefer the actual songwriting process? Also, any live shows coming up in the near future?!

Creating/songwriting is amazing when you find

real inspiration and really get in the zone. Especially when you feel you've outdone yourself and notice you've created something really unique and special. Live shows are a totally different animal of course. It's always great to see people enjoying the show and the back and forth energy between the audience and the artist is just so fucking cool. I think it's about fifty-fifty 

concerning which is more fun, live shows or

the creative process. 

Jopo & Joku Jussi is booking shows in Finland at the moment and I think at least a couple will

announce pretty soon. Yeah, thank you so much! 


Check out Kierobeat socials below for the latest on the artists' upcoming music!





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