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Explore Earnest Expressions With Christiana Alaire's "I Want It Back"

Christiana Alaire is a free-spirited, curly-haired Country Soul artist from Atlanta, GA. She incorporates power, range, and attitude in all of her releases to showcase the strength and authenticity that can be found in personal empowerment.

With a background in the performing arts, she carries the skills honed in her live stage career into the performance halls and studio. Christiana has been making frequent visits to Nashville since the age of 12 to pursue education and avenues in the music industry.

The release of her most recent single “I Want It Back,” has you delving into a thought-provoking ballad that is destined to bring out a heaping array of buried emotions. Christiana Alaire’s soothing vocal performance organically makes its way into your heart and mind as you fixate upon her genuine croons basking in a luscious opulence.

The manner in which the instrumentation brings forth an empowering spirit to your speakers is truly remarkable. Evoking emotion like no other, Christiana Alaire enlists a team of artistically versatile and talented individuals as the sculpted musical arrangements are in collaboration with Jake Clayton, Troy Lancaster, Sam Hunter, Evan Hutchings, and Jeff Roach.

Instilling a healing essence through the lyrical motifs she cascades through this piece, you find yourself eager to enhance your soul with a striking narrative that encourages you to carefully learn the words so you can belt them right back to Christiana Alaire herself.

With a narrative that catapults to the theme of realizing that your time, energy, and devotion have immeasurable value as you reflect on past relationships, Christiana Alaire has a knack for placing you directly into her shoes as she showcases her exemplary talents as an artist. “I Want It Back,” is the sanctioning record that we all need to take in as we thrive in our lifetime.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Christiana Alaire, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, “I Want It Back.” What moment or story allowed you to vulnerably display your experiences in this manner?

At the time that we wrote this song, I was emotionally drained from a failed past relationship. It was hindering my ability to move forward and open my eyes to the new possibilities in front of me. My songwriting ideas are usually influenced by stories and narratives of others, but this song was influenced by my own personal relationship experience for a change, so I feel deeply connected to this single. After writing this special song, I was able to use it as a way to heal, accept, and find the strength to move on from the past. My hope is that it will reach someone that needs it in the way I did.

What was it like working with Nashville songwriter and long-time friend Matt Mulhare to co-write this piece? How long did it take for the overall record to be written and produced?

Matt and I connected at Belmont University through mutual friends, and “I Want It Back” was written during our first writing session together, back in 2019. I brought the title “I Want It Back (All The Love I Gave To You)” into our session and within an hour, we had a finished product that became one of my favorite songs I’ve written to date. Matt and I knew this one was special because of how quickly it came together, and how our friends and family members reacted when they heard the original work tape. I completed the production process shortly after and in conjunction with my other two previous releases at OmniSound Studios, but I held out on the official release until I felt the time was right.

You worked with such a talented group of individuals to bring this song to life, could you please highlight some of the most memorable moments you have from creating this song?

The song was produced at OmniSound Studios in Nashville, TN, and features many of Music City’s finest session musicians. On the day of recording, I met with the musicians for a few moments before, while I played them the work tapes and illustrated my overall vision and style for each of the songs. I had worked with a few of them prior, however, most of them were meeting me for the first time that day. They blew me away with their ability to interpret my vision into the music so quickly, as well as their individual musicianship allowing them to present ideas such as which specific instruments were necessary to bring the sound to life. The final result was more magical than I could have ever imagined.

What are you hoping that your audience can take away from your message as an artist?

I hope that my audience can take away a message of overall empowerment. I want to encourage every listener to be themselves and express themselves in whatever way they choose, while also accepting others and uplifting them in their ventures as well. I find that the best results come when surrounded by a sincere and positive community, and that is what I hope to always continue building.


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