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Explore Heartfelt Themes With Willis Love On His New Project 'End'

Delving into the multifaceted ways of Willis Love, you’ll quickly learn his skill set as a recording artist, songwriter, and producer from Brooklyn, New York.

Taking his experience in various genres to the foundation of his own creations, Willis Love’s dancehall style background is paired with his upbringing in a musical household where he has always been influenced by legendary artists such as. Michael Jackson, Usher, and R. Kelly, to name a few.

Delivering his latest nine-track album titled, 'End,' we get to explore the array of soundscapes that comprise Willis Love’s musical repertoire.

Thoroughly delving into the commencement of intimate soundscapes that exude a deep yearning and passion for one close to Willis Love, the enticing energy that is formulated in a record such as “Animal,” has us hooked on the melismatic vocalization that echoes through our sound system. Enlisting the skill set of Jaye Archer to produce emcee-like verses chalked full of descriptive lyricism, the narrative that is depicted before us acts as a letter to the apple of Willis Love’s eye.

Fitting into a similar theme that is unveiled in the ambient vibrations shaking the resonance of “End,” the other featured track on this album takes us into a rhythmic sway of elusively flowing harmonies with Mia Taylor on “She Better.” With the lyrical motifs brought forth in a way that has us intrigued at each word melodically strung together, we admire the themes addressed in such an eye-opening manner.

“Moment of Honesty,” provides the unspoken reflections that some aren’t willing to take when embarking in the depths of adoration. Igniting the flame within his virtuoso and bringing light to these realistic tones, Willis Love protrudes a certain vulnerability that has us sinking into our seats all while taking a dynamic approach to what the new wave of contemporary R&B offers.

We hear the forward callings of Willis Love assert his thoughts with the blunt notions to back up what he performs in “So Easily.” There’s something so soothing about the buttery cadences Willis Love chooses to embrace in this album, and song in particular. The warmth that is etched into the alluring tone sparked, has us accepting the invitation into his world regardless of the particular theme he addresses. Similar to the dynamism offered up in “Sex Sounds,” although the chronicles lead to various points of Willis Love’s tale. We’re still hung up on the brilliance that lingers in the textured croons that propel us to newfound heights.

Tracks like “Loyal,” “1st Date,” and “Where You From?” play upon the vibrancy and mainstream appeal that Willis Love embodies in the various avenues he takes his craft. Displaying a wide range of sounds that fit on a spectrum dedicated to going through the motions of love, we’re thrilled to hear the well-rounded sounds of a storyline that is rich in representation, loyalty, and real-life experiences. Thinking of how Willis Love puts himself on display for the quality of his artistry, we hear each ardently showcased creation come to life in a way that reminisces on the exploration of his past and present.

Shifting gears into the notable outro song heard on 'End,' we buckle up for the metaphorically witty, and radiant track “Cruise Control.” Presenting listeners with a vastly different tempo in the instrumentation and overall energy dispersed, we have to admit that this final piece of the 'End,' puzzle has us wanting to run back the entire body of work. Allowing our vigor to feast on what resides right before us, the gust of upbeat amplification has us remembering that if anyone can do versatile, it’s Willis Love. See what all the hype is about for yourself, and get ready to be swept away into 'End.'

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Willis Love. Your latest album 'End,' holds up to being a true sonic voyage that we’re happy to be part of. What went into choosing the tracklist and making sure each song fits into your desired scheme? 'End' is a story about my past relationship that I wanted to explain sonically, it was an emotional rollercoaster building this tracklist without bringing back old memories and moments, but I'm very happy and proud of myself. Being able to bring this story and vision to life through song is a big achievement for me.

In terms of the vision that you bring forth, we pick up on the themes of sex, love, and everything in between. Did you find these songs fairly easy to convey when turning your stories into songs? Would you consider yourself more of a storyteller or lyrical artist? From a memories and moments point of view, it was difficult to write about because I wasn't sure how my supporters would react to my personal life being told because I like to keep things private, but once I started to create the music I felt this was the best music I ever made because it was so personal so I would say I consider myself more of a storyteller for sure Out of the nine songs that listeners can treat themselves to on “End,” do you happen to have one that resonates with you more than the rest? Why? I would say there are 2 records "So Easily & Sex Sounds", when I was writing those records I really felt them and sex sounds were created with my ex on the phone so you can only imagine how real it was for me.

From the time of recording to this present moment, have you noticed growth within yourself and your mentality? Could you please explain? I believe creating this album and finishing it from top to bottom and opened up my eyes in so many different ways, I believe it truly helped me grow as an individual spiritually and mentally After taking in this body of work for themselves, what final do you have for your ever-growing fan base about this project? Thank you to all my fans for the positive and negative feedback, I'm happy the album resonated with you in some way, we all go through things in life and it's important we learn how to express our frustrations in a healthy and positive way. End. Deluxe (End-ING) will be available on August 13th, 2021 for an extended version of the story!

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