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Explore The Mind Of The Intricate And Methodic Rapper, Yung Dub D

Yung Dub D is back, and this time we're discussing the melodic rap stylings he encompasses within his sound.

Yung Dub D brings a refreshing component to music. He allows us to feel revived in many aspects, and his tune is very light. One recent track release BuzzMusic saw from Yung Dub D included "Take My Advice," where the rap artist dove into past and present experiences to give listeners the perfect kind of story.

Following the single, Yung Dub D's album "Sail Out To Sea" debuted, where listeners were offered the painful experiences one endures in a long-distance relationship. The common theme in Yung Dub D's music seems to be authenticity. We get a real sense of who he is as an artist as well as a person. It's genuine. It's warming.

We're insanely attracted to this level of creation, and Yung Dub D continues to marvel us with his explorative nature. As previously stated in an interview, Yung Dub D is striving to advance in his music, and listeners can expect to hear new and stimulating content from the artist in the time to come.

Discover Yung Dub D on Spotify here.


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