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Explore the “Motions,” With Biajavier’s Passionate EP

Lawrence MA is home to singer and songwriter Biajavier. Heavily influenced by R&B and Latin American styles of music. She studied at Berklee College of Music, which is how Boston became her second home.

Biajavier is an R&B vocalist who incorporates Spanish into her music with the intention to expand and cater to all lovers of music. Her goal is to create art that transcends and connects with people of all backgrounds and to represent her community and culture.

Delving into her most recent release, we’re infatuated with the powerful sounds coming from vast intimate settings on her EP, 'Motions.' Exuding a deluxe offering of her sultry timbres that showcase a miscellany of emotions that stem from personal experiences in adoration, Biajavier delivers listeners five songs that go hand in hand with one another as they sweep us into her warm embrace through a storytelling narrative.

Delicately trickling into euphonious croons that shine a light on her wide vocal range and the bilingualism in the language of both English and Spanish, the initial single heard on this striking composition is “Abysmo.” Directly translating to the abyss in English, Biajavier uses the title of this song to metaphorically reference her love life. The words that she takes us through are vulnerable and passion-fueled as we explore the way she lost herself in a deep love that pulled her into its abyss of highs and lows.

Wrapping our heads around the heartfelt messaging, the tribute to her late grandmother allows us to hear a cherished moment where Biajavier shares an intimate pep talk from her Abuelita's wisdom. For those who are unfamiliar with the language of Spanish, the celestial words expressed convert to "What matters is how you carry yourself as a woman, how you value yourself, that people know you as a person and take you seriously. You hear me?"

Second, on the tracklist, we get to tap into the buoyancy sealed into the vibrant persona that Biajavier rhythmically finesses. “Not Looking Back,” shows off the lyrical talents of Biajavier as she matches the effervescent tempo in honeyed cadences that prove she can flex her vocal techniques in both an upbeat and slowed-down setting. Depicting vivid imagery that focuses on the thesis of the forward momentum you embody when moving on from an unbridled relationship that consumed you in intoxicating love. Fusing together a tracklist that amalgamates each unique melody to bring forth the bigger picture is no easy feat, and we hear Biajavier fashioning this opulent environment first hand.

Enlisting the artistic essence of EIGHTYEIGHT’s soothing vocal performance in order to achieve the desired sound of “Whitney and Bobby,” the title of this song fits the soundscape impeccably as we’re transported to a narrative to the two people locked into a relationship where the love one another, but don’t see eye to eye. Tugging on the themes of the previous songs on 'Motions,' this specific track hones in on the back and forth until the ultimate halt to the relationship. The reverberated echoes that bolster this record to be the therapeutic framework of our own life’s journey are remarkable. Dynamism surges through this track as we feast upon the united front these two artists indulge in so we can hear the two perspectives as the story goes on. Basking in the glorious spirit of a love that has come to an end, we’re absorbed in the destiny that was lived out.

Changing the pace and pampering us in warm guitar chords infiltrating the hopes of new beginnings, Biajavier invites us into a transition towards a brighter tomorrow. “En Mi Mente,” features the comforting hues of J. Rose and Jona Ferreira as the perspective shifts to what it’s like to start over and meet someone new. The lyrical concept paints a picturesque vivacity that allows us to sit with ease as we fall into the allure of Biajavier. Once again picking featured artists that are versatile in their technique and enhance this composition in robust timbres, the canvas of graceful juxtaposition has us embracing the welcoming hues that Biajavier intends to implant.

Closing off the expedition of 'Motions,' Biajavier introduces a Caribbean ambiance in the energetic instrumentation that seeps into “Loving Me.” Providing an uplifting epitome in a manner that allows the melismatic vocalization of Biajavier to glimmer under the rays of newfound love, we’re ecstatic to share the vibrations with her as she takes us on a journey of someone’s love life. The culmination of the project allows us to lounge in what started as uncertainty and doubt, but instead lead us to a new light and optimism.

Hello Biajavier and welcome BuzzMuisc. We loved listening to 'Motions,' from front to back as it elaborated on a tale of the highs and lows of love. What inspired such an ingenious concept to have each song flow into one another the way that it did?

I would say that my actual experiences with love and the dating world are what really inspired this project. I believe it's important to tell a story so I do my best to channel those moments in my life and relive certain experiences so that I can write from that perspective. Sonically, I wanted to make sure that the song transitions flowed together. A lot of that came about simply by just listening to each record, and making sure that each song was cohesive, not just with the sound but also lyrically. I wanted to make sure that I could take my listeners on a journey while listening to this project. I want people to feel that when they hear this.

What is the significance behind this project as a whole? What are you hoping that your audience takes away from it?

The significance behind this project is to take the audience on a journey and to really experience the motions of love and life. I believe that love has its ups and downs and of course, these are moments that defined my journey, and why I make music and write about the things that I write about. When I think of Motions I think of the literal term of moving, in this case moving with life and its lessons but also the eMOTIONS that come with love and loss.

Out of the five songs offered on “'Motions,' do you have a specific song that resonates with you more than the others? What’s your reasoning?

I love all of my songs, but I would say ABYSMO is really special because I was able to dedicate that song to my grandmother who recently passed away due to Covid-19. It was a way for me to keep her memory alive and to honor her through my music. In the song, she's saying how important it is to value yourself as a woman and that people respect who you are, and to remember that you're someone.

Could you please share what it was like working with J. Rose, EIGHTYEIGHT, and Jona Ferreira on 'Motions?' Were there any other people involved in the creation of this EP that helped to contribute to the desired sound?

J.Rose, EIGHTYEIGHT, and Jona Ferriera were all super amazing to work with, they are all really talented artists. J.Rose also produced "En Mi Mente", and the other producers were Mike Benj, Sean "SynthSei" Alexander, Ayy-Dot, and Sam-e Lee Jones. This talented team of musicians helped me bring this project to life.

What has been your biggest takeaway from releasing this EP?

My biggest takeaway has been the love this project has received and getting messages from people telling me about their favorite records, as well as how much people love my grandmother's message in ABYSMO. My hope is that this body of work continues to expand to a larger audience and can resonate with the listeners.



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