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Explore The Sophisticated Intricacies Of Love With Britt Devens In "Truth And Love"

Everything about Britt Devens and her platform are heartwarming. As a singer-songwriter, Britt Devens works to generate impactful songs that hit home for many listeners. As a strong advocate for mental health, Britt Devens explores many realities and themes within her songs that pertain to the emotional rollercoaster of life. Britt Devens is also known for her distinctive, articulated voice. There are only so many artists that have the power to stir listening minds in an emotionally moving way, and she takes the crown for mastering such a craft. Britt Devens's latest single contains the very essence she's known for captivating so many with, and it's titled "Truth and Love."

Right away the soft and luscious tone of Britt Devens ripples across the ears of listeners in "Truth and Love." Her incredibly soothing tone is what establishes a carefree atmosphere, and she makes you feel like, for a moment, there are no worries, nothing to focus on except the simple and sweet sound of her voice. The production backs the aura she exudes well, in the sense that it offers enchanting and whimsical-like feels with the embedded instrumentals.

Britt Devens explores a genuine anecdote in "Truth and Love," outlining the realities of love and putting a spotlight on the intricate thoughts involved with the powerful emotion. She truly gives into vulnerability here and allows listeners to advertently take a deep look into her mind. The narrative of the song itself is soulful.

Of course, there are many takeaways across many perspectives, yet a strong message comes across in "Truth and Love," there are many elements to love that are worth learning about, but that may require some soul-searching and habit-changing. Love is messy, and so are the changing thoughts that come with it, but man, it's worth it. And we think that Britt Devens knows that all too well.

Learn more about Britt Devens as well as "Truth and Love" in her new single, available on digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Britt Devens. "Truth and Love" was such a layered piece from you. How did it feel about writing such an emotionally driven song?

It felt instead natural, to be honest, most of my songwriting comes from within and often is about how I am feeling in the moment.

What would you say was the main takeaway to "Truth and Love?"

The main takeaway from "Truth and Love" is that we all are capable of rediscovering ourselves. It's ok to put ourselves first. My life is now centered around learning more and more about myself every day. Truth and Love also are about finding someone safe for you. Whether romantically or just a friend, I have found that it is essential to surround ourselves with honest and well-intended people. People who make us feel comfortable. And people who hold us accountable so we can be our best selves!

Were you hoping your listeners would understand you and your mind more elaborately after listening to the song?

Yes, it's an honest song about real things in my life, and that's what I always want my music to portray. My songwriting is pretty much just my diary, and it's taken some time to be able to share it and not overthink it, but, at the end of the day, what do I have to lose?

Your voice is a true statement, and your performance in "Truth and Love" was a great example of that. Would you say your vocal sound was something you had to craft, or did it come naturally to you?

I want to say that it just comes naturally. And with that said, I know that I am so very fortunate, and I know that I need to keep sharing the special gift or music I've been blessed with.

Will future music be similar to the likes of "Truth and Love?"

I guess we will have to see! I am not sure, as my music sound tends to shift now and then. From groove country-Americana to hints of RnB and then back to good old singer-songwriter sound — so only time will tell!

What's next for you?

I want to focus on creating well-structured songs with intentional crescendos and decrescendos, maybe some different time signatures, and most of all, with all different kinds of musicians. Lately, playing with my band has brought out another side of me, and I am digging the energy I feel from it. But just like anything else, I'd like to keep a happy balance between playing solo and full band. I also want to record a full-length album with the band and have some buddies hop on some different instruments. Honestly, the possibilities are infinite when it comes to music, and I'm just grateful to be back in the scene and to be crossing paths with so many unique humans—musicians or not!

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