Eye-Yo Hypnotizes Listeners, With “I’m Going In”

Eye-Yo is a Christian rapper who spreads the truth about Jesus Christ, and he's about to catch his listener's attention with his newest single "I'm Going In." "I'm Going In" began with a cinematic introduction. It gave this dramatic increase, and it was the perfect buildup for the song to kick off. Eye-Yo soothes his listener in with calming piano instrumentation with comforting whispers of "I'm Going In." The vocal delivery in this "I'm Going In" was more subtle and sweet instead of showing out range and dynamics. Eye-Yo gives his listener an ethereal experience by hypnotizing you with his silent whispers, effortlessly flowing on the track. Eye-Yo isn't your typical artist. He brings a new flavor to the Gospel genre of music by fusing it with contemporary productions and his very own modern flare. "I'm Going In" has a smooth R&B vibe. It captures you into the song and allows you to escape realities and enter this atmosphere that Eye-yo creates. "I'm Going In" was an articulate creation that will absorb you into the direction you're seeking. Eye-Yo impressed us thoroughly with his stylistic production and intricate delivery.

Listen to "I'm Going In" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Eye-Yo! Your stage name is super unique and cool! Can you tell us the meaning behind this name? What does it represent for you?

Thank you very much. I really appreciate it. Actually my stage name is actually how you pronounce the first half of my first name. My first name is Ayodeji. It means double joy. Which is very positive. So I wanted my personality to come out through my music. My parents are Nigerian. I was born in Torrance, California.

Let’s talk about your music! We loved your arrangements in your single “I’m Going In”. What were your intentions with the production and how would you describe your creative process on it?

So my intention was to make a powerful, uplifting, and moving song. Basically stating with all the hardships that come our way. I  am saying " I'm Going In" and fighting for what I believe in. That was the inspiration on the lyrical side of the song. With the production, I got a chance to collaborate with BGF Sound on the production side of the song. I had a blast I had an idea of what I wanted it to sound like. A bit gloomy but loud and powerful beat. I also want people to vibe to it as well. But overall, I am very happy with how it all turned out.

Knowing you aim to deliver the truth about Jesus Christ through your music! Can you detail to us some of the messages you aimed to project in “I’m Going In”? What ultimately inspired this song?

Basically my aim from the song was to stop chasing these worldly professions and chase something that is greater. I believe that if we chase these worldly professions it doesn't fulfill us. It doesn't make you happy. Sometimes it can make us depressed. But when you make Christ your priority, I believe you can find everlasting fulfillment through him. That's is the message in this song. It is to encourage and motivate people to chase everlasting fulfillment and be a light and hope in this world. Also reminding people that God is not done with you yet. Even if you fall, just get back up and continue to move on forward.

What would you consider to be the most challenging aspect of creating “I’m Going In” and why?

The most challenging aspect that I had with this song was finding inspiration on the lyrics. There was a time when it was a struggle for me to find encouragement through the lyrics and then I had to reflect on my past and remember a time when I faced hardship in my life and when I did I had to reflect on how Christ helped me through those difficult time in my life which I am glad I overcome this obstacle on this song.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

What you can aspect from me from 2020 is hopefully more music and possibly more visuals for the song that I make. So definitely stay tuned.