EYE-YO Raises His Faith In, "Everyday"

Christian rapper EYE-YO has always allowed music and faith to be a huge part of who he is. Growing up in a Christian household, made his mindset more open towards making music that can be motivating, uplifting, and encouraging to his listeners far and wide.

Sharing his story with those in need of positive words reflecting on the way that Jesus Christ has changed EYE-YO’s life, we get to fully take in the heartfelt records that EYE-YO is thrilled to put out into the public. With his most recent EP, ‘Bright,’ there’s one song that stands out to us on a newfound level.

The final song “Everyday,” comes in with a tranquil essence to swiftly take you into the gentle drift of hopefulness. As EYE-YO’s delivery is delicate, yet inspiring, the words he performs act as a tender nudge towards tapping into your inner faith.

The instrumentation focuses on prevailing piano chords that embed themselves into your mind as you bask in the various percussion elements that allow the beat to effortlessly trickle through your speakers. “Everyday,” takes us on just how EYE-YO’s beliefs propel him through his day-to-day life and further encourages him to live a life that will invite others around him to do the same thing.

Through the lyrical motifs being sparsely placed throughout this composition in an impactful manner, EYE-YO makes it hard for us to look away from the brilliance he continues to put out into the world.

Stream “Everyday,” from his latest EP ‘Bright,’ on all streaming platforms today.

\Welcome to BuzzMusic, EYE-YO. We love the themes that you address on your outro single “Everyday.” Could you please take us into what inspired you to place this as the final song heard on ‘Bright?'

The reason why I placed it as my final song is that I wanted the message to be a reminder to live out your life glorifying Christ and continue to reach the unreached.

We would love to know more about your story, and just how Jesus Christ has changed your life. Could you please share?

Music has been a huge inspiration in my life. I grew up in a Christian household. He has helped me overcome struggles and addictions in my life. I started noticing that I have a problem. One of the things that helped me to become the person that I am is support not only from my family but support from the church family. These things helped me to read and know the word of God.

What does ‘Bright’ say about you in the present place you’re in today? Do you find that your mindset has shifted from the time of writing these songs, to now having this EP released?

'Bright' means to me is to be hope in this broken world. I want to uplift and inspire others that anything is truly possible with Jesus Christ. I do believe my mindset has shifted because at the time of writing this song it wasn't fully developed until now. I believe now the message and substance are fully developed and more clearer now.

What is the main message that you would like your listeners to take away from “Everyday?"

The main message that I want my listeners to take away from my single "Everyday" is to make sure you are living out every day with a purpose that can encourage and inspire people.

What's next for you?

There will be more music to come so please stay tuned.