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EZ$ Bezy Brings The “Energy” With Another Hit

Brooklyn, New York-based artist EZ$ Bezy has been hard at work. Recently dropping his EP “Take It EX”, we can’t get enough of his brand new tracks. EZ$ Bezy is a gifted rapper and lyricist who has been making music since he was a teenager. It was in high school that EZ$ Bezy joined a hip-hop club and found his passion for music. His friends encouraged him to write his own raps and after teaming up with some like-minded individuals, they started EZ$ Records. With his brand new EP “Take It EZ”, out now, he's the one to watch!

EZ$ Bezy spits bar after bar of addicting and flawless rhymes in "Energy". The beat is expertly mixed with a trap backtrack, but not overproduced. Fused together with an upbeat and deliberate drop, EZ$ Bezy delivers an explosive intro. His diverse rap style has the listener hypnotized by every verse. EZ$ Bezy effortlessly exudes confidence throughout the track. “Energy” gives us an inside look at EZ$ Bezy’s real life. EZ$ Bezy has worked hard to get where he is now and he’s only getting further! With releases like his EP “Take It EZ” featuring “Energy” you better stay on the lookout because EZ$ Bezy is headed to the top. 


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