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EZ$ Bezy Showcases Hip-Hop Dominance In “Bummin’”

EZ$ Bezy is a gifted rapper/songwriter born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Taking an interest in music from the age of 16, Bezy joined his highschool hip-hop club. It wasn't until one of his friends suggested that he try to rap that he took to writing songs. After finding small success with his music over the years, he is now making waves in his city. Bezy has teamed up with a determined group of individuals to form EZ$ Records. Adopting the EZ$ tag, EZ$ Bezy’s debut song "Bummin" was released April 1st, 2019. The Song has gained over 10k views on Soundcloud. EZ$ Bezy released two new singles following "Bummin", titled "I Tried" and "Yktv”.

We had the pleasure of checking out this track “Bummin’” and we can’t get enough of EZ$ Bezy’s sound. The track expertly weaves through elements of powerful hip-hop verses. EZ$ Bezy exudes an undeniable confidence and authentic Brooklyn grit throughout the entire track. Being able to put pen to paper and create emotive and powerful lyrics then match those lyrics to a catchy beat AND make it alluring and connection seeking for the listener is a true talent! EZ$ Bezy showcases his skills as an admirable, talented and spectacular hip-hop artist. He consistently proves he belongs at the top. EZ$ Bezy remains modest but he has big things coming! I highly recommend you check out “Bummin’” and the rest of his impressive repertoire.

Listen to “Bummin’” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you start by introducing yourself and tell us a little bit about your upbringing into music? 

My name is Brandon but I go by EZ$ Bezy. Born and raised in Brooklyn,NY. I am a hip hop artist and vocalist. I got into music the same way I think most got into it, by others around them playing it. My dad is a big 70-90s Classic rnb/rap fan. I remember just being a kid in the back of the car while he's blasting LL cool J, to Elton John, then the next song comes on and it's "Girls just wanna have fun" by Cyndi Lauper. This is a major reason why I think I'm able to have different styles and can even fuse them together at times. Even to this day you can catch me listening to opera and jazz, country etc... So at an early age my dad definitely is the one that I picked it music from. 

What’s the meaning behind “Bummin’”? What inspired you to write this track?

It's funny, "Bummin'" was made while I was thinking about how bad I really wanted to be successful. The chorus of the recorded is "It's all or nothing man, that's how I'm coming man, that's how I'm Bummin". Meaning how i was either going to give this 100% of my effort or none at all. Either you're in or you're out. I realized especially in music when you want a career for yourself and it's not just a hobby, you really have to be committed. You know when you hear rappers say "I'm married to the game", that's what it means. That I'm completely invested in this. Then the grittiness of the record is just a depiction of where I'm from. I'm from Brooklyn, it's a tough place. You have to get up and make a way for yourself. There is no good day unless you make one. That's just how it is, but I like it that way. The city builds character in you.

From an artist’s perspective, what’s your favorite part of “Bummin’”?

The chorus. It's sums up my attitude and my out look on life, Sink or swim?. The delivery is aggressive and in your face. It's confident, bold, all the characteristics of some one who wants to do and be better than yesterday.

Your intense energy is clear through the speakers but what is your stage presence like?

I live with the purpose of having no regrets and my performance on stage shows it. When I step out I own every second of it. It's important to realize that I'm not just performing a song or giving entertainment to who is in the crowd in front of me, But that I'm giving the song life as it manifest and speaks through me. I'm the lightning rod. 

What’s the overall theme of your upcoming EP? Do you have an official release date?

This EP will show my versatility as an artist. There are different vibes and this project. We are human beings and we go through ups and downs. Sometimes I'm angry, some times I'm vulnerable. This project for me is gives better insight to what I personally go or have went through with past relationships, situations and I think people will be able to relate to the themes in the songs. Whether you want to party, relax, or just vibe out while taking a drive. It's something I think everyone can enjoy. I don't have an exact date but for sure early September, So be on the look out.


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