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"Fade Away" With Truth Gordon's Latest

Truth Gordon is an artist who mesmerizes you with his single “Fade Away”. Truth Gordon isn’t new to impressing a crowd as he opened up for big naming artists such as BIG Krit and T-Pain and he has an upcoming feature from Moon Taxi. With a sound described as soulfully blended with acoustic guitars and and indie aesthetics, many labels have compared Truth Gordon to iconic rappers including J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, and BIG Krit. However, he still keeps his own style in tact and it’s noticeable in “Fade Away”.

“Fade Away” showcases Truth’s raspy and gritty vocal resonance while he delivers a fire, breathe controlled flow in which is powerful yet lyrically witty and dynamically impressive. He finds balance in the dynamics of “Fade Away” with keeping it subtle and progressing yet projecting passion and aggression in the delivery. Truth Gordon embodies the essence of a rapper in our opinion due to his abilities being represented at a high caliber! His lyrical content was hard-hitting while he still managed to be entertaining with the many different punchlines.

While listening to “Fade Away” it’s no doubt in your mind that you know this is almost natural to him. He isn’t forcing a sound on him, nor is he trying to escalate his verses. He’s just a natural, raw, uncut talent who we see elevating to great measures in the year of 2019!

How did it feel knowing that Big Krit and T-Pain wanted you to open up for them!? Was that the first major milestone in your career?

I was ecstatic when I first learned of being on BOTH of those shows! They both have always been regarded as 2 of the best that do what they do, yet they’re highly underrated. Although it wasn’t my first major milestone, the KRIT opening was major because of the chemistry. Dolla Black was on that show as well, and us all being Mississippi natives, it was an understood chemistry and way to go about the show. 

Knowing you’ve been compared to the likes of Kendrick and J.Cole, do they serve as a musical influence for you? If not, who are some of your inspirations!?

Although I’m inspired by those guys, oddly, my biggest influence comes from Quincy Jones. The cadences and styles I use while rapping are just applied to deliver the feel that demanded for the songs. Those guys are both nice AF though! SURELY wouldn’t mind a feature. 

What is “Fade Away” about?

"Fade Away" is about the betrayal of the closest peers due to the love of women, money and fame; however, the metaphor of "fade away" comes from the best of balling and still scoring due to skill and knowledge of the game. Also, it highlights the doubts and expectation of failure from others but fading away insures you scoring at all costs. 

Can you tell us a bit about the creation process for "Fade Away"?

Prime and I were both in the studio STS (shooting the shit) and he was like “Big bruh, I KNOW I have one that you’re gonna want but you can’t get it fam. I’m shooting it to a couple of industry folks.” As soon as he hit play, I was like “THAT MF MINES!!!” and as apart of all of my creating process, I began free-styling whatever came natural. Went home, lived with it for a day, recorded the song the next day and just sit on it. Afterwards, I let him hear it and there it was. A hit. 

What’s your personal favorite song off your album “Volume 2: High Tide” ?

My personal fave on High Tide HAS to be “FACTS”. It’s nostalgic of getting girls during my younger years before social media. It came out exactly how I heard it in my head. The whole project was produced in house by either me or Prime, so every track has a pocket presence. Honestly, I say that, but Hell, tomorrow’s fave will be different! I love the entire project because of the storyline. 

What can we expect from you through 2019?

2019 is a year of another release and a deadlocked focus on bettering the Truth Gordon brand! There will actually probably be 2 releases if I can get the flow of traffic the way I like and continue to buzz! (No pun intended) How about this, if you guys can get a fan poll after we get this to the public, I’ll surely do a double release! Word is bond! 


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