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Fahia Buche Embodies Humility with “Million Bucks”

Fahia Buche is a Spanish singer-songwriter and pianist who performs at music festivals around the world. Fahia Buche is best known for her 2019 single “Everyday” which has over 200,000 hits on Spotify. Her genre is an artistic mixture of folk music, progressive rock, and indie-pop. Her song “Million Bucks” was released as part of a 5 track EP called “Shadows.” Lyrically, Fahia Buche expresses her concerns that most rich people spend their money selfishly, with no regard for those who are in need. “Wasting money, they’re not sorry” is repeated multiple times telling us that, in her opinion, the money could be better spent. She continues to explain what she would do if she had a “Million Bucks.” Throughout the song she stays consistent with her humanistic opinion, stating “money only has a value when you’re hungry.” Musically, in her song “Million Bucks” Fahia Buche exemplifies the tragic, yet glamorous melancholia of other indie-pop artists like Lana Del Rey. A slow-paced bass and snare drum are accompanied by an eerie background sound. The spotlight of the song is focused on Fahia’s delicate voice, giving the track a somber tone. “Million Bucks” is a song that will fit right into your chill playlist, while still bringing originality and a humbling message.

Listen to "Million Bucks" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic Fahia Buche! We love your song “Million Bucks!” Could you tell us more about the message behind the song, and what influenced you to write about it?

Hello and thank you! I came up with the idea of “Million Bucks” about a year ago when I decided to create a song with powerful lyrics. I wanted to reflect on the greed in the world and how money is wasted and spent on too many material things. I was influenced by what we see on social media nowadays, where there is a distortion of reality and an excess of consumption. I really enjoy expressing myself through my music and I have always felt I needed to make a song like Million Bucks.

Growing up you studied piano and singing at the “Fundación Princesa de Asturias” and the “Luleå Tekniska Universitet”. Can you tell us how this has influenced the artist you are today?

Before I started singing, I learned how to play the piano and began composing instrumental pieces at an early age. It didn’t take long before I realized I was able to sing, so I decided to join a choir to develop my vocal skills. The most important thing that I learned in a choir is that every single element is important and you have to pay attention to details, so I applied this knowledge to my music. All my piano and singing experience has also helped me to express my emotions in a stronger and deeper way.

Growing up you admired the artists Lana Del Rey, Fleetwood Mac, Alan Parsons, and Joni Mitchell. Can you tell us how they have influenced your music?

When I was a child, I listened to the radio every day and enjoyed all types of music, but when I heard Lana del Rey and Joni Mitchell for the first time, their voices caught my attention. They inspired me to become a singer and express my feelings with nostalgic melodies and lyrics.

Alan Parsons, on the other hand, inspired me to experiment with the piano by adding electronic sounds and complex chords. Finally, Fleetwood Mac has shown me that you must not be afraid to experiment with your music and try new styles.

You’ve performed at many festivals including Tour Music Fest in Madrid and The Cavern Club in Liverpool. Can you tell us about any upcoming shows or festivals?

At the moment, I have some upcoming shows in Barcelona, Spain, but I am planning on making a European and US tour this year.

It was great having you here on BuzzMusic! Can you tell us about any major goals you have for the future as an artist? Any major goals that you have already accomplished?

I have always wanted to perform abroad, so being able to perform at the famous Cavern Club in Liverpool has been an amazing accomplishment. Now, I am excited about what's coming in 2020. We are organizing a remix contest for “Million Bucks” on, in which producers and Dj’s can participate until February 7th. I am also looking forward to performing in future European and US shows. It has been a pleasure to share my journey with you, thank you for having me!



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