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Fairies! No Mercenaries Is Hypnotizing Us With A New Song, “Psychosis”

Theomar Chakey Fancois is the project creator for Fairies! No Mercenaries. Currently located in Los Angeles, Fairies! No Mercenaries began in a garage in Claremont, CA. It started off as a diary of catharsis to cope or deal with the depressing aspects of life and has continued to evolve. It explores depressions, trauma, suicide, mania, and grief. Fairies! No Mercenaries is a dark alternative conceptual project that is shedding light on issues that most if not all deal with on a regular basis or at least some time in life. Digging a little deeper in by tuning into the latest release “Psychosis”.

I really enjoyed this track. The production of the entire song, through and through, is done exceptionally well! I love how the intro allows for the piano and accompanied sounds to be the star players. Giving you a slow build up to when the vocals come in. Although very dark, the song has an easy going lightness to it. Something that gives hope or empathy to the song overall. I also appreciate how the song title is evident in the production as well. There is something hypnotizing about the combination of sound and lyricism here that you cannot help but to appreciate and get lost in. I am definitely interested to see what this project can do with their next album drop!

Check out the track here! Read more in our interview with Theomar Chakey Fancois below!

Hey! Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

Hi! I'm Theomar Chakey Francois. I'm 25 and from Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania. I currently live here in LA with my dog Drake. He's the best and here's a picture - cause why not!

We know what the concept of this project is for but why did you decided to take it on?

I took on Fairies! No Mercenaries because I had some sounds I wanted to experiment with that didn't fit in with my other project SunnyShading at the time. The first project was heavy distortion, a lot of noise -- even fuzzed out drums. I'm a bit embarrassed by it haha but it was such a distinct change from an emotional folk project I had that I felt I had to start up a new name.

What inspires you to create music?

Everything in life. Music has been part of my life since I was 4-5. Even before I'd be trying to play on the piano and mimicking my sister, or asking to play Sonic 3 just to hear Ice Cap Zone. The material for Fairies! No Mercenaries lyrically comes from pure catharsis, but it also comes from this need to find a sound that resonates with me internally - while also making something that sonically explains those memories or what ever is being released from me.

What influenced this track “Psychosis”?

It was an unfortunate Psychotic Episode I had at an old house I was staying at in Claremont. Everyone was not okay and we were doing are best to all stay afloat. One night I was triggering my suicidal tendencies with music I've listened to during past attempts. At the time, I wasn't all there in reality. I began to see Shadow People and silhouettes and they were all telling me to die and that they were here to watch. My cousin found me screaming with a knife and held me down. I was trying to prove to myself that I wasn't a robot and that my tendons weren't wires. It was a weird moment looking back and afterwards we just pretended it didn't happen but it stayed with me, so one night I wrote about it. I wrote about what was going through my head, my inability and unwillingness to ask for help and how out of touch with reality I was to dissociate my suicidality as demons making me do it. Goes without saying if I can talk about it like this, I'm much better now.

How soon can we expect the 11 track album dedicated to suicide?

I'd love to show a picture, the artwork made by ZuroStudio! "zzz (Sleep Forever)" is posted to be released October. It's a project I'm very proud about & I'm happy to be here and alive to finish it.


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