Fall For XINCLAIR Tonight, But Tomorrow It's "Goodbye"

19-year-old XINCLAIR knows that home is where the heart lives from his constant venturing from place to place since a young age. Born in Detroit, Michigan, he has resided in New York, London, Vancouver, and most recently Phoenix, Arizona.

Garnering major attention with his loyal and supportive fan base, the masses keep on flourishing as unceasingly translates his thoughts and emotion into musical creations.

Notorious for the success of ‘Numb iii,’ XINCLAIR recruits Gun Boi Kaz yet again for another mind-altering hit. This time the dynamic duo chooses to navigate through a melodic force field of musicality that expands their artistic versatility into realms we sonically saturate in. “Goodbye,” is the pacifying track that immerses itself in wistful hues throughout the instrumentation, as the vocalization lures you into its prevailing contributions in asserting a narrative that has substance.

Delving into a story that follows a troubled girl who drowns herself in the party lifestyle, the lyrical motifs reiterate the emotional validation that she is seeking as she attaches herself to anyone willing to give her attention.

As “Goodbye,” progresses we thrive in the intricate environment that focuses on the harmonious framework enhancing the exhilaration that we experience on this emotion-fueled roller-coaster. XINCLAIR and Gun Boi Kaz accelerate in the manner that they flaunt a vulnerable scope for listeners to peer into.

Continuously providing a sense of relatability in the music created by both artists, we admire the fortified unification that unravels brilliant soundscapes like the creations they emit when working together. “Goodbye,” may tell a more melismatic tale, but we prosper in an atmosphere that is placed in front of us by XINCLAIR.

We love seeing this side of your artistry and we of course always admire it when you come together with Gun Boi Kaz. What was it like working together for the creation of “Goodbye?" Were the vibes similar or different from when you worked on ‘Numb iii,’ together?

The vibe was definitely different from numb iii. That track was made when both of us were in a pretty dark place. Since then we’re both doing a lot better and wanted to make a track reflecting that so goodbye was a complete 180 in terms of the vibe.

What inspired the lyrical structure of this song? Was there a specific moment or story that had you delving into the origin of this party girl?

The story wasn’t based on any particular experience, rather just the headspace I see a lot of people I know have. I graduated last year and see people I grew up with get completely lost in parties and drugs. Don’t get me wrong I love going out but it gets to a certain point where it starts to drag you down rather than bringing you up.

There are talks about a music video in the works for “Goodbye.” We are thrilled to see what you come up with! What can you tell your audience to expect when it comes to the visuals?

Kaz flew out to Arizona to shoot the video this week, so we're gonna be getting to work on it soon. In terms of what's in the video I don't wanna give too much away but we're going for a nighttime/party neon type of vibe. Since that's the type of lifestyle in the song I think putting the real-life visuals with that will complete it.

Were there any memorable moments that made the creation experience for “Goodbye,” that much more rewarding?

The best part of making goodbye was 100% coming up with the hook. I’m pretty new to singing in my songs for most of my career I've just been straight rapping. So coming up with a way to blend the styles together was a must for me, and I think it ended up perfect on the track.


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