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Fall In Love Again And Again With Jason LoCricchio’s Single “Lately”

Knowledgeable and eclectic artist Jason LoCricchio was born in Denver, CO. Jason is a self-made singer/songwriter/producer and gifted instrumentalist. In middle school Jason started a band with his friends and hasn't looked back since. Once he found his passion he flourished it into a skyrocketing solo career. Jason plays guitar, bass, drums and piano, he write all of his own material and produces it to perfection.  After graduating university, Jason moved his life to Nashville,TN and is currently producing music there.

As a solo artist, Jason LoCricchio recorded his own album “The Departure” independently.

Now fresh off the release of his newest single “Lately”, Jason is taking the music industry by storm. Channeling his influences such as Jon Bellion, Justin Timberlake, The Rocket Summer, and Macklemore, Jason LoCricchio adds his own authentic flare. Jason’s sounds really reminds of Lauv, the catchy melody of the song pair with his soft vocals fuse effortlessly. “Lately” is a light hearted reminiscent track about the feelings of love that never go away. LoCricchio adds a backbeat that includes beatboxing that matches so perfectly with the theme of “Lately”. Towards the end of the track “Lately”, Jason belts out my favorite lyric “Come close, I’ve never loved someone like you ever before”. This line further proves the undeniable and unconditional love that is present throughout the entire song. The music video for “Lately” highlights Jason LoCricchio’s charisma and high energy delivery. Stay on the lookout for this self-made, ambitious and invigorating pop artist, Jason LoCricchio.

Check out “Lately” here and read more below in our exclusive interview!

Hi Jason! We love your track “Lately”! Can you start by telling us what inspired you to write this song?

So I started dating this girl my freshman year of college and we dated all four years. The whole deal, same friend groups, family vacations and talks of the future. When I moved to Nashville she stayed in Colorado and we eventually broke up. After some hard but much needed months apart we randomly ran into each other right after Christmas. After our one night together I started thinking about all of the times we had together, and how after all this time we were still madly in love.

What was your ultimate goal and vision for the song? What do you want listeners to take away from it?

When I made the beat, specifically the hook right after the chorus it was the one song where I was like “this is the exact song I’ve been trying to write for my whole life” it just felt young and alive and it’s the exact sound I wanted! I want people to really feel their youth when listening.

How do you feed your passion for music everyday?

I surround myself with music everyday. Whether that’s listening, making beats, writing songs or just humming melodies into my voice notes. I always try to outdo my last song with whatever new song I release. 

In what ways do you personally relate to the lyrics in “Lately”?

It’s very personal to me. Sometimes songwriters write relatable or catchy lyrics to fuel the song but really they are just broad statements. Every lyric in lately actually happened in real life. I can visualize each moment. It’s pretty cheesy but it means so much to me because it is so specific.

In what ways have your songwriter/producing abilities changed and improved over the years?

I’ve just learned a lot more. I have always had the ear for it but I’ve trying to hoan I’m on my skills and get better. Honesty is the most important key to writing a song! I also spend time with writers and producers who are worlds ahead of me so that inspires me get better to not stay in one place creatively.


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