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Fall Into "Oblivion" with Drea Réal

Columbian born-singer and songwriter Drea Réal, has been making a name for herself in South Florida as a soothing, edgy songstress with an alternative soulful sound.

Drea Réal has begun to make her mark as streaming and performing artist in Miami where she has opened up for artists 24hrs and even began her own record label titled, Soul Era Records.

As we channel our very own inner persona that radiates in a fierce glow, we immediately think of Drea Réal. The most recent music video for her latest single, “Oblivion,” has Drea Réal redefining what it means to be your own boss. Through a variety of deluxe harmonies, the soul powering “Oblivion,” sets our radars off. As we fixate ourselves with the intoxicating visuals, we’re hooked on shades of red and black, as the stunning Drea Réal takes back her power in the enticing visuals portraying a Bonnie and Clyde type of narrative.

Drea Réal takes on an empowering role as she effortlessly embodies a woman who is fed up. A series of close-cut scenes have us falling into the lust that is portrayed by herself and her male counterpart tied up in a chair blindfolded and unable to speak. As he remains tied up, and she asserts her savage magnitude, the vivid effects continue to pan through scenes of Drea Réal in a red room with a veil covering her face as she interprets what it’s like to lose your voice. We then begin to see the roles reversed with this man has done the same to Drea Réal; or was this just an illusion?

We admire each detail that went into the intricately showcased fusion of sizzling passion. “Oblivion,” takes your attention and pulls you into its empowering grip long after the images have left your screen.

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