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Fall Into The Line Of Fire With Aimfordahead

Born in the US Virgin Islands on the humble island of Saint Thomas, Amarri Akim Whyte was destined for greatness from the jump. Aimfordahead began rapping at the age of 9 years old spitting out ideas as they came to mind, and developing his skills to become the beast he is today.

Not only will his quick wit and attitude-filled lyrics catch you off guard, but his performances will keep you out of your seat and moving to the beat. Versatile with his artistry on the spectrum of R&B, or hard-hitting Hip-hop, Aimfordahead is known to always deliver.

Taking our attention to his latest track, “Beating the Block,” there’s a booming persona that accompanies the Trap-inspired beat that Aimfordahead proceeds to rap over.

Flexing his lyrical dexterity in a way that has us entranced by the words he performs, there’s a clarity to his tone that allows the words he pens to land with great influence. Managing to keep this record upbeat and captivating for all, Aimfordahead doesn’t allow that to tamper with the way he writes his witty quips and quick-paced verses. Although the new wave of Hip-hop can be heard in his unique styling, we hear a myriad of old-school origins come pouring out through his authentic rhyme schemes, and storytelling techniques.

Immediately being pulled into the hunger that’s known to be reiterated by Aimfordahead, we love that “Beating the Block" has him telling a tale that reflects on his personal journey. Being unapologetic in the energy he conveys to his audience, Aimfordahead brings a braggadocious essence to the structure of this track. With rapid bars that not only sound alluring but are backed by truth, it’s easy to see the likability factor of Aimfordahead propel through the speakers as we bask in “Beating the Block.”

Congratulations on the release of your mesmerizing single, "Beating the Block." You truly allowed yourself to get vulnerable with the story that you share with your listeners. What inspired you to bear it all on this song?

With "Beating The Block," I wanted to get my story out about how I came up grinding to get where I am. My brothers and I have been putting in major work in this music game, so I felt it was time to let people know how we get down to business. Everybody has their daily hustle, their way to reach their goals accomplished. "Beating The Block" is a song for people who are genuinely trying to get to every day and be in their bag for real.

How does "Beating the Block" compare to other songs previously released in your music catalog?

To me, it's the perfect balance of a street record and a commercial record. I feel like a younger audience and an older audience could listen and relate to the single for sure.

With you being so cemented in who you are as an artist, what does this particular track say about you and your artistry?

I think this track lets people know I was coming for it all the time. I'm staying true to myself and presenting my story in a way people can connect with so they can get a deeper look into me as an artist. I try always to take the time to join my story with those of my fans to get the real me every time.

What happens to be your most significant career moment to date? Why?

I would say when my song touched FM and Satellite Radio, it was a career-high to me. My label worked hard, and I felt like we had a big break when the song touched the airwaves.

Do you always manage to create soundscapes that are so true to yourself? What can listeners expect from you when you dabble in other genres?

My creation process is organic and just what I'm feeling at the time. Being a songwriter, I know what energy I want to give when I dive into different genres. Making sure the vibes are fitting is a big thing for me when I create a song so that you can expect my best on every record.


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