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Fallout Kings Turns Up The Heat With, "Fireball"

Diving into the raucous depths of a Classic/Hard Rock fusion, Fallout Kings has been established for over five years hailing from Folsom, California.

Consisting of the rambunctious talents of Xander Roberts as the main songwriter, vocalist, and guitarist, James Leu shedding rhythm on the bass, and Uriah Stivers producing drums and backing vocals, the hard-hitting trio has played alongside ambitious bands such as Dokken, L.A. Guns, Enuff Z'Nuff, Adelitas Way, and Michale Graves of the Misfits.

Through the positive acclamations they have received from audiences and venues alike, they shed their original heartfelt music through passionate and relatable concepts influenced by Classic Rock legends.

With their latest album, ‘The Neverending Trail,’ they serve up all that they embody in musical vessels. “Fireball,” is no exception and shows listeners exactly why they’re garnering the attention that they are.

Electrifying instrumentation surges through your mind and speakers as “Fireball,” has a mind of their own. Dipping into the boisterous essence of sizzling rhythms taking over in an up-beat tempo, Fallout Kings have you headbanging to the rowdy concoction that they’re serving up like fruit punch. As each member takes a spotlight throughout the edgy piece, they individually offer up confidence like no other.

Touching on the passion-fueled lyrics written by Xander Roberts, allows us to reminisce on times when we would be able to gather with all of our friends for a night on the town. With the vivid imagery and high impact rush of each word performed, Fallout King’s has us out of our seats and indulge in the finer blend of Classic tones washed with a hardcore quintessence.

The dynamism between all members of Fallout King has you trying to wrap your head around what a live performance of this caliber would entail, because we know one thing for sure, we would want to be front row. Showcasing their talents through a simmering, intransigent soundscape, Fallout King remains top tier in the world of everything high-spirited.

Congratulations on the release of your track, “Fireball,” off of your album, ‘The Neverending Trail.” With the weighty punch that this track holds, what made you decide to make this the single off of your album?

We decided to release "Fireball" as a single because it really showcases our sound as a band (musically and vocally). "Fireball" is also a song we really liked right away when we were jamming it out at our rehearsal space and decided that this would be a great single to put out as this stands out the most to us and hopefully to everyone else as well!

What moment or story inspired the creative process behind, “Fireball”?

"Fireball" was inspired by our love for AC/DC and they have been one of our biggest musical influences since we formed this band. The story behind this song is that it's about people who love to party on a Friday night or weekend and they feel like they're on top of the world, they feel good about themselves, and that nothing can stop them. The song can be interpreted as a rock singer who feels great after playing a kickass show as well. Whenever Xander writes lyrics to an original song, he wants to make the song something that the audience can relate to and have a headbanging riff to compliment it as well (for most songs).

What challenges have you faced in 2020 as a band and how have you worked to overcome them?

Like pretty much every music artist and rock band, we have had shows get canceled or rescheduled to next year. Even though Livestream shows are better than nothing, we really miss performing in front of people and feeding off of their energy. Playing shows also helps us promote our new material and we win people over even if they have never seen us play before by the end of our set. We have conquered these challenges through releasing two albums this year, selling merchandise online, and hanging out together as a band (socially distanced of course).

What is the band's favorite part of the creative process as a collective?

Our favorite part of the creative process is hearing our ideas come together in terms of going from a riff or lyrics to a full song. We also really enjoy self-producing our own albums because it's easier for us to manage and we learn more about the producing side of music and it helps us become better producers later on.

What goals do you have going into the new year with your music?

Our goals for the new year are to promote as much as we can and get airplay, play as many live shows as we can once it's safe to do so, get signed to a record label, make more new music together, and continue to establish ourselves as one of the best and hardest working bands in the Sacramento area. We also hope once shows return that people pack out the smaller venues because they need the most support they can get when they reopen.

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