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Fame-ous Barz Drops Fire in a New Debut Album

Hailing from Detroit, Michigan, the recording artist, rapper, producer, and actor Fame-ous Barz gives us the goods with his debut 12-track album entitled 'My Ambitions Life or Death, Vol. 1.'

After receiving the opportunity to sign to record labels like No Limit 4 Ever Entertainment (Master P & Romeo Miller), Fame-ous Barz respectfully declined to stay independent and release material under his own label D.M.G Imprint. After gaining notoriety in countries like Zimbabwe, South Africa, United Kingdom, and Switzerland, Fame-ous Barz's career truly hit the ground running.

Now releasing his debut album, 'My Ambitions Life or Death, Vol. 1,' Fame-ous Barz opens the project with its title track while exclaiming his boundless ambitions alongside a hefty and nostalgic hip-hop beat. The same theme continues in the next hard-hitting track, "Street Runner," where Fame-ous Barz drenches us in his fiery bars alongside the sweltering old-school hip-hop beat.

Grooving his way into the next track, "Ridin," Fame-ous Barz shares the utmost tenacity and grit while bringing us into the trials and tribulations of his musical journey. The same goes for the fourth track, "I Know," as Fame-ous Barz goes deep into his inner turmoil of wishing for someone to end up by his side while riding the funky lof-fi-inspired beat. Jumping into the next scorching tune, "The Game Iz Mine," Fame-ous Barz truly stops us dead in our tracks with his poise and power in this track, as he lets us in on his many successes while leaving the haters out to dry.

Landing on the album's halfway point, we're met with the sixth track, "No Love," where Fame-ous Barz grooves his way through the smooth-sailing old school beat while expressing his distaste with someone who betrayed his heart and emotions. Moving onward and upward with the next track, "No More Pain," Fame-ous Barz blesses our ears with a beautiful piano melody alongside his expressive bars that let us into the fakes and phonies that he's met along the way of his blossoming career.

We adore the old-school vibes of this project, especially within the next track, "Price of Fame," as Fame-ous Barz explains the peaks and valleys of his journey while meeting the wrong people along the way. Soaking our speakers in lust with the next tune, "Fast Life," Fame-ous Barz rides the groovy and sensual bars with the utmost charisma while rapping about his fast-paced life and seeking real ones to settle down with.

Getting gritty with the tenth track, "Come Try Me," this song led the way as the album's lead single, landing Fame-ous Barz many fans and lots of anticipation towards the entire album. A dense and sweltering track, Fame-ous Barz truly showcases his vast talent and lyrical ability in this tune. Getting emotional with the next track, "Never Can I Say Good Bye," Fame-ous Barz dedicates this song to someone who's unfortunately passed on. We adore the tender and heartfelt bars in this track as Fame-ous Barz displays a different and more personal side of him.

Reaching the last track of the album with "Unstoppable," Fame-ous Barz closes the project with incredible might, confidence, and vigor, letting listeners sit back and fully experience the heart and passion he's placed into this heavy-hitting 12-track album.

Get to know the ups and downs of Fame-ous Barz's blossoming career by way of his debut 12-track album, 'My Ambitions Life or Death, Vol. 1,' now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Fame-ous Barz. What an experience you've provided with your debut 12-track album, 'My Ambitions Life or Death, Vol. 1.' When did you begin writing tracks for this project? How long was it in the making? Thanks for having me BuzzMusic!! I feel like you guys are family, thank you. It was ten years in the making but the recording process for the album took two years to record because I was surrounded by so much chaos envy and jealousy from the closest ones to me, but betrayal is a blessing with time the lord will reveal who's really with you. So the authenticity of music is really there were real-life situations that almost cost me my life and my freedom but I survived those battles to give you guys what I feel is a classic.

Which track off the album, 'My Ambitions Life or Death, Vol. 1,' is your personal favorite? Is there a specific track that stands out to you? I honestly can't pick one because each track serves as a testament to my journey to get here but there are a few that stand out: "No More pain featuring Rainna Celeste," "My Ambitions Life Or Death Intro," "The Price of Fame," and "Never Can I Say Goodbye." Could you expand on the 11th track within your album, 'My Ambitions Life or Death, Vol. 1.?' Who were you emotionally rapping about within "Never Can I Say Good Bye?" "Never Can I Say Good Bye" is a tribute song to my Grandmother Clara Mae Moore, the woman who raised me there were a lot of missing pieces that didn't make sense to me about her passing and I never got a chance to say goodbye to her. I felt like I was directly talking to her on that track. I was saying all the things that I never got a chance to say to her, and how thankful I was to have her in my life, and how much she meant to me in that song. If listeners could take one thing away from your entire album, 'My Ambitions Life or Death, Vol. 1,' what would you want that to be? That no matter the circumstances or odds that are against, you can overcome them through faith in God and The Lord, and believing in yourself. Never give up. What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you? I'll be shooting the visuals for the tracks of the album. I will be dropping a deluxe version of the album with 10 more tracks this Fall, it's going to be called 'My Ambitions Life Or Death Vol 1.2.' Fans can also look forward to hearing more music from Rainna Celeste, we're going to drop her single pretty soon.

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