Fame-ous Barz Raises The Stakes In, "The Game IZ Mine"

Fresh off of the release of his first single of the year, “The Game IZ Mine,” international recording artist, producer, and actor, Fame-ous Barz, is making his name hailing from Detroit, Michigan.

Elevating his game as an entrepreneur and artist, this enigmatic single simmers at a high temperature as it comes into the year hot.

In a zesty soundscape of colossal instrumentation to act as the fortified basis, “The Game IZ Mine,” kicks it up a notch with the vivacious persona of Fame-ous Barz seeping through the heavily influenced lyricism. As the second single off of his debut album, “My Ambitions Life or Death Vol.1,” the bar has been set for the overall tone that has listeners gravitating towards the boisterous presence that you feel through the speakers.

Tenacious moods are well in the realm of what Fame-ous Barz is capable of as a creative. Exuding his lyrical flair on the spectrum of top emcees, the expressions heard in his tonal distinction sweeps over you almost as seamlessly as his slick cadences. Placing his knack for wordplay on a silver platter of rhyme schemes offered up, Fame-ous Barz consistently stays transparent with his audience as he connects with them through his edgy vitality.

Boosting your overall buoyancy and swagger, Fame-ous Barz seamlessly implements a piece of himself in the stories that he shares. If you’re not on board with Fame-ous Barz as of yet, be sure to tap in before it’s too late. Swimming in the pocket of effervescent dynamism, Fame-ous Barz proves his abilities time and time again.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Fame-ous Barz! Always a pleasure catching up with you! What inspired your lyrical content in, “The Game IZ Mine?"

Thank you so much for having me back it's always a pleasure. I got to say ambition really fueled the content for The Game Iz Mine. Overcoming adversity and the climate of the music industry, fighting to be number one. I had to really push myself and prove to my fans that I can make a hit that would connect with listeners on so many different levels and deliver a message to always stay focused on your dreams and never give up no matter what the odds are against you.

What are you hoping that your listeners take away from this song?

Staying focused on your goals and never be discouraged by the people around you because you have to believe in yourself no one else is going to do it for you, stay true to who you are no matter what you're up against.

You seem to have found your iconic sound! How long did it take you to reach the desired sound that you currently have?

I think it's always been in me I just had to tap into it was more of trials and tribulations of life experiencing betrayals Redemption perseverance adversity love and strength of faith in God. It's more of my art is imitating life.

What does your creative process usually entail? Was it different for, “The Game IZ Mine,” or was there anything that you had to adapt to when creating?

Actually, I felt right at home and in my comfort zone. I felt like I had something to prove to myself and my fans. I really wanted to give them something epic and something that they can really enjoy so I know that that track produced by Rainna Celeste was going to deliver that message.

What can we expect to see next from you?

I'm currently shooting in the visuals for Come Try Me and The Game Iz Mine. But the next single that's coming next is No Love this song I'm really going deep in addressing a lot of issues and grievances personally and professionally I go deep on this record. But fans can really look forward to seeing more vulnerability from me on this track. Fans can also look forward to my album being released right before the summer.