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Fancy J London Is Back To Share Her Dreamy New Single “Forever”

Fancy J London is a multi-genre artist from Massachusetts. Focusing primarily on pop music, Fancy J London always brings a dreamy element to the table. She is currently working from her home studio and producing two new albums for release, one being a self-titled R&B album and the other as the last part of her “LiGHT” trilogy. Today, we’re here to delve deep into her new single, “Forever”.

Fancy J London’s new single, “Forever”, touches on what it’s like to love someone who suffers from depression. The song spills out feelings of devotion in hopes of helping her loved one through the pain. The de-tuned electric piano opens the song and sets the tone perfectly for what's to come. When Fancy J London’s voice comes in, it is absolutely captivating. Her sweet tone captures a romanticism that was so deeply complimented by the production. Eventually, we hear dialogue overlapped with these vocals which is not often heard in pop but this artist has perfected it. With innovative elements such as this, we’re left waiting to see what Fancy J London releases next. Don’t miss out on the passion behindFancyJLondon’s new track, “Forever”.

Listen to Fancy J London’s “Forever” here.


Welcome back to BuzzMusic. We know you touched on the seriousness of depression and mental illness in your new song, “Forever”. Can you delve deeper into the meaning behind it and how you intended for it to feel for your listeners? Thank you Guy's so much I am so happy to be back. My newest Single "Forever" was inspired by relationships both personal and family-related. I found it nearly impossible to reach inside the heads of those who suffer severe depression. You so desperately need them to understand that you love them and want to help. Yet they go into a darkness that you must lift them out of before it's too late. I greatly loved creating this song and Hope those who catch onto the lyrics will be lifted or consoled by them. How did you decide on the production elements for this song? Did this take time and exploration to shape or did you always have a vision of the direction you were going to take? I tend to write lyrics on a whim and that often turns out to be when I fly out of bed from the dead of sleep to grab my phone at 3 AM and write down the lyrics I was dreaming of, yes I surprised myself too. But in the case of "Forever" it turned out to be something a bit more methodical. Trying to make something sad into something happy was quite a task for me but I was delighted with the end result.  Were there any artists/musicians who influenced you while creating this song? How did their music help develop your artistry? To be honest I come up with a lot of melodies and lyrics straight from my head. I feel like there are to many artists out there that sound like someone else, I really enjoy sounding as original as possible.  We hear your working on two more albums for release that we’re stoked to hear! What can you tell us about the musical direction of these two releases and how they’re different from what you’ve released so far? Thank you, I am quite stoked myself to be releasing my first self-titled R&B album this fall. I debated releasing an album like this for quite sometime because I felt people were more interested in Hip-hop, but I noticed when I put up some preview clips on my social sites there were a lot of positive responses which was quite surprising. 

The other album "Reflect" is coming this June it is the last album in my 3 part "LiGHT" trilogy. I had a great time collaborating with several artists and producers from different countries. This album features many genres and lots of love songs which is quite rare for me.  What's next from you Fancy J London? I have a few new collaborations coming out featuring DJ Ross tha Boss, Rapper Kyngsolo, Soundtrack Producer Romsii, and DJ / R&B Singer Jeffery Night. I love working with many different artists and hope to work with a few more even though it's challenging I find it rewarding to see all your hard work turn into an unforgettable creation. Lastly, Big Shout out to Buzz Music LA for allowing me to share my music and supporting me with my craft. I am FOREVER gratefully humbled. - Fancy J London

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