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Fancy J London Takes Soul To New Heights With Her Self-Titled Album, 'Fancy J London'

Having sharpened various skills throughout her lifetime, the jack of all trades, Fancy J London returns to give us the goods with her latest thorough, sultry, and empowering self-titled album, 'Fancy J London.'

The recording artist, psychologist, teacher, cosmetologist, cartoonist, fashion designer, and, more importantly, the singer-songwriter is deep within the world of philanthropy as well. Fancy J London is known for supporting several charities, advocating for ending domestic violence while also living half her life in Mexico, and trying to help those who were not given the same opportunity as us. Recently releasing her self-titled 14-track album, 'Fancy J London,' she's more than ready to give her audience what they've been craving.

Fancy J London's intro track, "Float," the tune opens with a slightly nostalgic feel through the warm and organic R&B instrumentals that sweeten the song's sugary atmosphere. As Fancy J London begins singing with her heavenly falsetto, she tells a romantic story of being in a state of trance by someone's mesmerizing ways, similar to how we feel about her ethereal performance. The supporting instrumentation takes us into a moment of peace, especially through the soothing electric guitar elements alongside a sultry bassline that gives us atmospheric aspects of Jazz and Soul, opening the album with poise and grace.

Moving onto the second piece, "Our Love," we can tell that Fancy J London is pushing through this romantic theme with force, especially as she begins giving us the goods on this piece. This track gives us a taste of the past and present, offering a lo-fi blend of R&B and Jazz, with added hints of brass and synths that float over the high end and provide a dreamy and sensual atmosphere. We can't help but hear a similar tone and raw passion to that of Billie Holiday as Fancy J London takes her sweet vulnerability and serenades us into our ascension above this plane.

Transitioning into the third track, "Letting My Feelings Free," the track begins with a soulful electric guitar and mid-tempo R&B drums, giving the song an organic and natural feel. While Fancy J London begins singing of someone who brings out the best in her, she offers incredible vocal layering that swoons us with her angelic melisma and harmonies. The song's instrumentation is rather minimal, letting Fancy J London's calming vocals stand centerstage. With the addition of a modern kick to end the song off with another sultry and sensual feel, we love the versatility that Fancy J London has provided with her album thus far.

We can't help but drift into the prime eras of Jazz, Soul, and Rhythm & Blues, primarily through the fourth piece, "Meant For Love." The song opens with Fancy J London offering her crooning vocals whilst singing of two lovers learning each and every way of each other. Accompanied by soothing down-tempo drums, a profound bassline, and fluttering keys that glimmer with glitz and glam. We must note the broad and captivating vocal range that Fancy J London offers within this track, as she sings her passionate and romantic message with the utmost emotion and heart while the piece comes to a mellow end.

Jumping into the more modern piece, "Flat Line," the track begins with bright electric guitar strums and synthetic drum patterns, giving us a more contemporary R&B sound. That being said, Fancy J London enters the song with her timeless vocals and soft reverb that haunts our ears and surrounds us with pure emotion and passion. Again, Fancy J London gives us blissful harmonies through her layered vocals, yet this time around, she tells a more emotional story of troubled love that brings a crushing feeling. As she sings of reaching out and asking for someone to catch her as she falls, we're more than mesmerized by Fancy J London's lyricism thus far.

Bouncing back with her next track, "Resuscitate," this sweet lo-fi track opens with a hefty kick and snare, accompanied by heavenly pads that float with grace and elegance. As Fancy J London begins softly singing another sensual lyrical message, she gives us, even more, versatility through her peaceful delivery as she almost whispers her intro verse. As the instrumentation slowly expands with more organic elements, we feel this glowing and radiant sensation exude off the tune, especially with help from Fancy J London's broad and soulful vocals, and she sings of a past relationship that empowered her to change for the better.

Getting nostalgic again with the next track, "Lost in Love," we're met with warm synth keys, airy drum patterns, and Fancy J London's soft vocals that sing another heartfelt message. As a deep and groaning low-end synth makes its way in to give us hints of 90s R&B, we're lifted into the sonic sweet escape that this single has to offer. Moving through the piece, we love the shifts from major to minor that the instrumentation delivers, especially as Fancy J London brings her warm vocal melodies and serenades us with her otherworldly passion and authentic vocal stylings.

Diving into the next track, "Another Rhythm," the song begins with another reminiscent 90s feel with the sonic snares, synths, and drum patterns. As Fancy J London makes her way in with another soothing falsetto vocal performance, she begins singing a heartfelt message of broadening her horizons with help from a new love, which also helped her heartbeat to "Another Rhythm." The supporting production offers incredibly mellow and sensual elements, emphasizing the emotion and passion that Fancy J London has created this album with. Ending the song with her layered vocals that send us into a daydream, we love the journey through the project as we reach the halfway mark.

Moving into the delicate and downtempo ninth track, "Roses," the song opens similar to the sensation of a rose's scent floating into us with heaven and bliss. Through soft and jazzy keys, a heavy kick, and Fancy J London's layered vocals, the track gives us a slice of serenity right off the bat. What's not so serene is the saddened message that Fancy J London sings, depicting the "Roses" that were once for her and now land in the hands of someone else. We also hear a similar flair to that of Lana Del Rey, primarily through Fancy J London's striking falsetto and sultry vocal harmonies.

Onto the tenth track, "Vanilla Beans," Fancy J London gets the most sensual, sultry, and desirous on this sweet tune. We love the earthy and organic tones that this song offers, blasting us to the past with the warm Jazz/Soul instrumentation and Fancy J London's incredibly unique vocal stylings. Again, giving us a powerful performance through her authentic falsetto and heightened emotion, we love the raw desire and passion that exudes merely within the sound of her voice. The instrumentation gives us the most delicate minimalism through a soft bassline, organic drum breaks, and sultry brass elements, letting Fancy J London soak in the spotlight.

What we love most about Fancy J London's album thus far is the thorough, deep, and soulful instrumentation, especially within the eleventh track, "Rainy Day." Opening with the same vibes as the title, we're met with an ear-pleasing bassline, organic downtempo drum patterns, and a shimmering electric guitar. As Fancy J London begins singing of feeling gloomy and wanting to be held by a specific lover, she tells incredibly poetic lyricism that keeps us fully engaged in her desirous and passionate message. This tune might just be our favorite off of the album, as the instrumentation is just as pristine as Fancy J London's brilliant vocal stylings.

Moving into the sweet and serene piece, "Picture a Love," the track begins with Fancy J London's soft falsetto accompanied by a plucky electric guitar, a delicate bassline, and crisp drum patterns. We're lifted into tranquility with help from Fancy J London's vocal layering, primarily through her falsetto that shimmers like angels descending from the heavens above. While singing of the memories that burn and ache within her heart, she tells such profound stories that linger in our minds and keep us craving more of such an authentic and vulnerable artist like Fancy J London. Not to mention the song's crisp and sultry instrumentals, we love the sincerity and genuineness within each element.

Giving us more organic flairs with the next piece, "Cheers to You," we're left basking in the glory of the tender piano melodies blended with a lo-fi beat that gives us elements of the past and present. Listening to Fancy J London's lyricism, she passionately sings an ode to those with broken hearts and who feel lost on their path to clarity and serenity. An incredibly passionate and raw ballad, we're head over heels for the delicacy and softness that this song exudes, as Fancy J London sings her tender and relatable message for listeners everywhere to relish and savor.

Reaching the last track of the album with, "Other Half of Me," Fancy J London opens this piece with soft shakers, a sensual bassline, and warm piano melodies alongside her desirous vocal portrayal. While singing us into bliss once again, Fancy J London gives us a more emotional message of sticking through the good and bad times of a relationship; she continues to exclaim her endless desire for someone she holds incredibly close to her heart. The instrumentation continues with a soulful blend of organic and synthetic elements, exuding nothing but love while ending the album on a positively passionate note.

Be sure to check out Fancy J London's 14-track, in-depth, and lyrically flawless album, 'Fancy J London,' as she sings her self-titled album with themes that anyone can relate with.

Congratulations on the release of your 14-track self-titled album "Fancy J London." Did anything, in particular, inspire you to create this project?

Thank you kindly, I was thinking of creating a full R&B album for quite some time now. After the release of my 'Shadow' album, many of my fans, friends, family, and team members were enthralled with the 5th track "Charades" and asked if I would ever create an album in one solo genre and that's what I ended up doing.

Seeing as your album 'Fancy J London' has 14 in-depth tracks, how long was the album in the making? When did you start making pieces for the project?

My self-titled album was in the works well before the release of my 'Reflect' album because I am normally 2 albums ahead in case I get too busy to complete an album. Although that isn't the case now as I am preparing for my 9th album and I haven't finished my Throne Deluxe release yet. I am also trying to release an album of every remix I have collaborated with DJ Ross tha Boss on. "Too much to do, not enough Fancy". Lol!

Did you work with any fellow artists, producers, or engineers to achieve such potent and passionate instrumentals for your album 'Fancy J London?'

I have had the pleasure of working with several talented producers, DJs, and musicians from the U.K, U.S., Africa, Turkey, Brazil, and Canada just to name a few. My self-titled album instrumentals were created with a combination of my own mixes along with my Record Label producers.

Is there a track on your album 'Fancy J London' that's your personal favorite? Why do you feel so pulled to that piece in particular?

Actually, I have two favorites. "Roses" is my favorite track because it explains the powerful pain of heartache behind being in love and losing love and how it turns a heart that was once beautiful blushing rose into a dead petal-less stem of thorns that no one can dare touch. "Cheers To You" is deeply personal because I have beat a lot in my life from fighting a terminal illness, surviving domestic violence, and building my life from losing everything to having it all, plus some. It's a way for me to acknowledge how far I've come being my own cheerleader while I support others that have been where I have been or worse.

How would you describe the entirety of your self-titled album 'Fancy J London?' What themes should listeners expect when taking a listen?

Fancy J London is just that, a ball of emotions and imperfections in the highest of notes to the lowest of notes bearing my innermost thoughts, secrets, and turmoil wrapped up in tearful vocals that gets a bit shaky accompanied by soothing harmonies, and whistles. My music helps me heal, express, and grow as an artist and I enjoy every part of it.



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