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Far From Few Returns With the Empowering Single, “Situations”

Alternative Metal band Far From Few was formed in the winter of 2018 in Harrisonburg, Virginia. The band has quickly been getting to work; releasing multiple singles, music videos, and maintaining a strong social media presence, all while being known for their high energy shows in and out of the Virginia/D.C.

Quickly picking up where they left off before the COVID-19 pandemic, Far From Few comes in full force with the release of their single “Situations.” Fusing a sense of urgency with deeply rooted lyrics of passion, the entire soundscape of this single provides listeners with the intensification of heightened senses. The brilliant contrast between the lead vocals courtesy of Angela and Zach has us swimming in lyrical motifs such as ‘Same old situation. You jump, I jump, don't want to be the one to fall on my face,’ with utter emotion pouring from our outlook.

With a vibrant resonance that tailors to melancholic darkness swept into the musical arrangement, we’re fully enthralled by the transitioning elements that keep us on our toes. Colossal percussion hits accompany an edgy bassline to provide us with a tempo that sets off the expressions Far From Few would like for us to channel. Swarming in the amplified guitar riffs that have us filled with anticipation, the instrumentation switches from the various tempos as each realm gives us something different to transfer our thoughts towards.

Fighting to explore their creativity as they’re eager to share it with the world, Far From Few has us fully immerses in the tone they set in “Situations.”

Hello Far From Few, welcome to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of “Situations.” What moment or story inspired the narrative in this single?

"Situations" is about an actual story that one of our vocalists, Angela, went through. The song is about her on and off-again relationship that lasted nine years. She would do anything for this guy, he didn't care/treat her right. She wanted something more and he just didn't care. Some of the lyrics were actually written during that time period. The chorus is basically them going back and forth with the same cycle for nine years.

Was the exact vision of your messaging transferred into this song the way you wanted? What is it that you’re hoping your audience takes away from this piece?

Yes, in the lyrics of Situations, both vocalists are stating their side of the story. That's the great thing about having two vocalists. It almost brings the story to life because both are able to tell their point of view. In the lyrics, there's a sense that you seem to both keep falling down the same path, day in and day out. There are even points in the song where it references a past tense, that some things will never be the same. There's no going back. Both vocalists feel that they were able to get their message across. We hope that those who listen to Situations hear how versatile we are as a band. From the pop-punk style riffs, heavy breakdowns, and vocals that range from clean to scream, it's a song that helps define our "Alternative Metal" sound. We think they'll also get a sense of the theme of our songs, which is overcoming the struggles that all types of people face.

Having to take a step back due to the pandemic, how do you find that you’ve grown as a band from before COVID-19, to now?

Not being able to play shows gave us a lot of free time to decide how we represent ourselves to the world, instead of just locally. In that time, we've released 3 singles, 2 music videos, and clothing merchandise. Taking these steps forward makes us feel like we've grown a lot and all the things we have planned show that we're still growing.

With a debut album on the way, what can you tell your listeners about what to expect? With our debut album, we hope our listeners can find themselves humming to some catchy melodies and bobbing their heads along to the rhythm. We're such a versatile band, you never know what you're going to get. We've always compared our music to a rose. We're soft and beautiful to look at, but we also have thorns that can get pretty rough. With our debut album, listeners will definitely be on a musical journey, almost like a story. You may be able to catch some hints on some of our favorite influences in music, as well!

What can we expect to see next from you?

Things are starting to pick back up for us. We have a music video for Situations in the works. We are still finishing up our debut album. We're also sprinkling in a couple of shows mid to late summer. We're gearing up to perform at this year's Blue Ridge Rock Festival with some of the biggest names in the world of rock and metal. It should be pretty interesting! After that, who knows what could happen?



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