Fatal Flash is a Catalyst for Fire Hip-hop with New Single “L.a. Rachet Nights”

Fatal Flash is a budding rapper who has just released a vibrant hip-hop single called "L.a. Rachet Nights." He is an intrinsically talented rapper. However, he would never let one genre define himself as an artist. Fatal Flash enjoys producing music from a diverse array of genres. From African-American and Hispanic descent, he hopes to spread his fan base across various cultures.

Fatal Flash shows his fans his musical versatility with the introduction to his new single "L.a. Rachet Nights." With a short section of electronic, trilling vocals and soundscape, he dips his toe into electronic dance music.

Once the trap beat begins, Flash is quick to start rapping with his profoundly deep vocals. The production quality of the percussion tempo keeps fans captivated as it's modified to compliment his verses. There are also occasional background vocals that sound like they're sung underwater – giving the soundscape even more depth—the lyrics of "L.a. Rachet Nights" explicitly describe the title of the song. Fatal Flash doesn't hold back as he describes his ideal night out in LA. He paints a picture of a night in a club with an emphasis on physical attractions and substance use. Many fans will be able to relate to the lyrics and find Fatal Flash's "L.a. Rachet Nights" to be the source of a confidence and vibe boost.

Could you describe the creative process of “L.a. Rachet Nights?”

Me and my producer we have been working on different material and we thought we needed something for the summer especially with all the crazy stuff going on in the world with this virus and all that so that’s when my producer cooked up the beat and I wrote the lyrics for the track in about 30 mins.

What do the lyrics of the song describe? How do L.A. nights represent your style as an artist?

Well, basically the lyrics talk about having a good time with your friends getting drunk vibing out to the music being the life of the party with your crew. I say it’s more of a Westcoast upbeat tempo kinda track which I mostly create most of the time.

You have big goals to perform all over the world! Where have you performed so far? Where do you plan to perform next?

Hell yea I definitely wanna perform worldwide, I’ve performed at The Roxy, Whiskey a go go which we’re pretty dope and I’ve performed for different venues and competitions which weren’t all that but did it for the experience.

You told us that you are musically versatile and able to create music among various genres. What are some other genres that represent you as an artist?

Yea I’ve been working on some singing material more melodic stuff I been cooking up there’s R&B and some rock as well you know like Linkin Park is also one of my idols as well so definitely being more creative. Honestly being able to create more music every day being in the studio working writing and wanting to be the greatest out of my city it’s what drives me to keep going.

What has been keeping you inspired throughout 2020? What can we expect to see next from you?

I have a lot of music waiting to drop definitely a few more singles then maybe drop A EP ohhh and got more music videos as well finally got my camera fixed also going to be working with video directors as well but mainly keep dropping new music and keep building my fanbase.