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Faulty Rivals Keeps It Real With The Release Of Their Latest Single “Bliss”

Kitchener, Ontario's Faulty Rivals, is a sour yet sweet hard-rock group. Led by singer-songwriter Koi Getson, the band has amassed a cult-like following with their melancholy sound.

An updated installment in Faulty Rivals' repertoire, "Bliss," is the band's latest single, released on October 15th. Incorporating all of the trappings the band is known for, "Bliss" utilizes rhythmic twists to shake up the group's dynamic. Inspired by Koi's personal experience of being stuck in a toxic relationship with alcohol, the lyrics speak true to his inner world of pain and self-abuse. The song has quickly become a fan favorite and shares the same admiration within the group.

Right out of the gate, the track blasts open with stern drums, melodically melancholic guitars, and gentle, introspective lyrics. This is then followed by a contemplative and angsty chorus that rings in tandem with the backing instrumentation. Exploiting the dark energy of the music, Faulty Rivals allow their instruments to be a conduit for their intangible expression of raw emotions. Complemented by the songwriting process, which describes the feeling and experience in a much more objective and descriptive manner, this way of functioning allows the band to vocalize their intent and connect thoroughly with their audience.

"Bliss" has propelled Faulty Rivals to new heights. Given their authentic songwriting and truly inspired sound, we have no doubt Faulty Rivals will continue to make hay of their momentum. We see no reason why they won't keep climbing the Canadian charts and make international headlines.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Faulty Rivals. Congrats on the release of "Bliss." Can you give us some insight on the emotional toll creating such a personal song took on you?

The writing of Bliss was cathartic for me. It didn't feel like a toll to write the song, but more like a release. Sometimes writing emotionally intense songs that hit so close to home helps you let go of the pain and leave it in the past. There was some anxiety around showing people such a personal song. However, it ended up feeling liberating to be able to express this pain authentically.

Why is being transparent in your music so important to the lot of you?

It is important to be transparent in our music because we want to play the music that is true to ourselves. Our music is an expression of the thoughts and feelings we experience, and it is important to us to honor our true selves, darkness and all. You can only be yourself. Everyone else is taken.

What influences have the band experienced coming from Kitchener, Ontario?

Kitchener has a strong metal music scene, and I think that had some influence on us. Although we aren't a metal band, we are actively involved in the metal community, and I think our ears have developed to like heavier music because of this influence. So we incorporate darker, heavier sounds in our otherwise rock music. Kitchener also has a thriving blues scene, which contributes to some blues influence in our music.

We all have to start somewhere. So what advice would you give to your fans looking to start a band of their own?

The advice we would give to people looking to start a band would be to do whatever you have to do to always love it. It's not worth doing things that will kill the joy of playing music. So never lose sight of the things in music that give you the most fulfillment. Relish the good times and always congratulate yourself on any successes you may see. Finding the right people to play with is also crucial. When you jam with musicians who have the same ambitions and work ethic as you, it makes the journey even more fulfilling.


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