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Quan Aqua Faust Releases New Single “I’m Begging"

With an unmistakable style and charisma, Quan Aqua Faust skyrocketed into stardom with a talent that brought to mind the harmony and love of past legends in music. Dennis Williams, known by the stage name as Quan Aqua Faust, was born in Kingston, Saint Andrew, Jamaica to parents who were both young professionals. When his father left for the United States, Dennis was only 3, and so he stayed with his mother in Kingston. Faust moved to the United States at the age of 21 in order to make a life for himself and his mom. While living in the U.S, Faust ventured into numerous acting and modeling scenes, with hope to be signed to record labels too. Faust however decided he was going to become an independent artist and produce and sell his own music himself, so he did with the help of distribution sources (digitally). From then, he went on to release numerous records that distributed great success for him.

Quan Aqua Faust released his latest single titled “I’m Begging” and it began with a powerful vocal belt from the hook. The melody transitions in and it soothes your mental with the emotionally convicted delivery. The smooth-sailing beat creates the perfect support, and mood for the sentimental record. The lyrical context seemed to have a strong substance that could possibly be related to the emotions Faust has felt, or an experience he has endured. However, the lyricism can connect with the audience with a strong appeal to our emotions and repressed feelings and thoughts. Faust vocal tone was beautiful, carrying the record from start to finish in a silk-like texture that just floats across the beat without any signs of effort. It seems like Faust is just naturally a skilled vocalist with a lot to give. “I’m Begging” is a great offering from an artist with an intriguing background who has nothing but lessons, stories, and feelings to tell to his listener, and he channels that in his extravagant songwriting.

Explore "I'm Begging" for yourself here, and continue reading for our interview with Quan Aqua Faust.


Hello! Can you introduce yourself to our readers? How did start your career in music? 

My name is Quan Aqua Faust, for me I like to think of my career started when I wrote my first song, which was at age 13, sitting at my desk at home writing songs instead of doing my homework. I however released my first song Big Dreams and that’s when my career took off on a somewhat level.

Tell us about “I’m Begging”, how do you relate to it?

The song “I’m Begging” comes from me going through an emotional toll, this song came up from a moment where I had broke up with my partner of 3 years, and that break brought the world on my shoulders but at the same time it’s like I didn’t regret the break up because it was for my well-being.

How is "I'm Begging" different than your previous releases?

“I’m Begging” is classified by allot of people both young and elderly, to be like a legendary soul song which them themselves haven’t heard in a long time in this nowhere day music.

What was the emotion you channeled in while writing this record? 

I was deeply disappointed of my breakup that the words I had to say was still in my heart and was weighing me down so what I did was to literally go on YouTube and watch Beyoncé’s Biography and as she talk about how she wants to be seen as and known for, I just went straight with her recommendation, forget being cool, be how you feel, pour out your feelings and send empowering words to the ears of people, maybe you can make a difference in someone’s life.

What’s can we expect next from you?

Well I am currently working on my album to be released this summer, And a few music videos to accompany the album in stores. Be ready world Quan Aqua Faust is starting.


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