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FAUSTOE Brings The Energy With Latest Track “Con-Crete”

Hailing from the San Fernando Valley, FAUSTOE is a 24-year-old hip-hop artist and gifted lyricist with a versatile and unique sound. FAUSTOE brings an aesthetic and flows as we’ve never heard before. His perception of hip-hop is on a whole different level compared to today’s mainstream hip-hop artist. All his music is mixed and mastered by FAUSTOE, solidifying himself as a truly independent artist. With the help of a few talented producers, he brings an admirable originality to the table in the form of rhymic bars and raw rap form. 

FAUSTOE’s latest track titled “Con-crete” (produced by Highmanways) is a true hip-hop banger.  The precision and timing of every word are incredible. The heavy backbeat is addicting and catchy. FAUSTOE exudes confidence, he knows that he has a unique sound that needs to be spread in the music industry. His listeners and fans are instantly addicted to his sound. As if we needed any more proof, FAUSTOE shows us that he doesn't need quirks or gimmicks to sound killer. There are big things coming for FAUSTOE in the future. “Con-crete” is well worth a listen if you’re tired of the repetitive nature of much of modern hip hop, or if you’re a musician or lyricist with a genuine love for thoughtful, intelligent and deeply artistic musicality. Stay on the lookout for the prolific rhyme slinger, rap artist extraordinaire, FAUSTOE.

Listen to “Con-crete” here!


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