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FAUSTOE Stays True to His Hip-Hop Roots in “Dcalcify”

Bringing us back into the prime era of hip-hop is songwriter, rapper, producer, and recording artist FAUSTOE with his hard-hitting and introspective new track, "Dcalcify."

FAUSTOE has been influenced by old-school hip-hop since the mere age of 12, prompting him to record, publish and release tracks through SoundCloud. Fast forward to today, after learning to engineer, mix, and master, FAUSTOE has progressed his sound to a whole other level while recognizing that he's still a student of the game and progress is a lifelong venture.

More recently, FAUSTOE dives into the sound that influenced him with an old-school meets lo-fi hip-hop banger entitled "Dcalcify." FAUSTOE's reflective bars, alongside the moody and jazzy atmosphere, bring quite a unique layer to this track that's hard to find around the modern hip-hop scene. It's a stellar song that showcases all that FAUSTOE has to offer.

Expanding on the new single, "Dcalcify," the song opens with scratchy records that drop into the serene and lush lo-fi/old-school hip-hop beat. On the modern side of things, FAUSTOE delivers similarities reminiscent of Schoolboy Q and an introspective Kendrick Lamar, all while showcasing his tightly-knit. These conceptual bars truly make the listener think twice.

All while FAUSTOE spits his bars, the song melts through the speakers with many transitions, record scratches, vocal samples, tender piano melodies, and an undeniably chilling atmosphere. There is so much to hear in this track, and FAUSTOE does an incredible job of making it entertaining and engaging from start to finish.

We invite you to experience something familiar, new, and engaging all at once with FAUSTOE's new hit, "Dcalcify," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, FAUSTOE. We love the engaging and introspective atmosphere of your new single, "Dcalcify." Were there any moments or things that inspired you to create this song?

Thanks for listening! I'm currently in the works of my upcoming solo album, so this song is a part of the "Side B" set of tracks I'll be releasing. After playing the beat, I had to lock in with the euphoric vibe it gave off, which blended well with my style. You can say the inspiration came from within. I felt this was the right track to put out, for the time being, sort of like a sneak preview of what to expect!

What sort of vibe were you looking for in terms of the production for "Dcalcify?" What or who influenced this song's sound?

This is the usual sound I like to dabble with. Off the rip, it gave me that raw underground "grungy" vibe, so it was easy to ride the sound waves. I also reached out to a dope artist/homie of mine who goes by the name of "OZZZIE One," who also contributed to the sound with his turntable scratches making it a finished product.

Did you produce, engineer, mix, and master "Dcalcify" yourself? What was that process like?

The beat was produced by "AWSMEJ". I stumbled upon his catalog while looking for certain sounds one day & came out with more than I expected. You can expect more of his beats on the album as well! Other than the beat, I myself wrote, engineered, mixed & mastered the rest of the body of work. All in all, the process was rewarding, as always. It was definitely a level-up in my catalog, truly giving you a glimpse of what else is to come!

What message or theme did you want to get across to listeners with your bars in "Dcalcify?" What did you want them to pick up on?

The message is always scattered & given. It can be 1 message, or it can be 7. Things aren't always what they appear to be. Perception plays a big part, but there's a difference between visual & mental perception. De-calcify the Pineal Gland.

What's next for you?

Staying focused on this album put the right pieces together where they belong so I can deliver a well-packaged product. Working behind the scenes for now, getting music videos lined up as well as setting up all kinds of promo for this anticipated project.


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