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What can we even say about The Jon Johns that will fully convince the BuzzMusic community of their talent? The Jon Johns are an interesting group to hit the music scene, producing a sound that I have to say I don't hear enough of, but absolutely LOVE. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated with the most robust kind of energy once listening to these guys. Their debuting album "Road Trip Mixtape" was stellar, and once we gave a listen to their most recent single "Outlaw", we all knew that this was the song to beat in our books. Giving us crazy and exciting elements from the Rock n' Roll scene, combined with rapid rhythms exclusive to the duo themselves, The Jon Johns are ones to look out for in the music world. 

The tempo of The Jon Johns recent release "Outlaw" is incredible fast-paced, and will really captivate your attention. This is a track that I immediately added to my personal playlist. If you're a fan of the alternative music scene, you'll obsess (I practically drooled) over "Outlaw", and how many various elements of the greatest alternative hits it possesses. The Jon Johns curated a track that holds such energetic and eccentric tones, intertwining with some retro melodies I'm comfortable saying I'm happy were brought back into their music. "Outlaw" will completely fascinate you from start to finish. The track never lost my attention, and had my ears glued the entire length of the track. I'm comfortable enough admitting that by the end of the track, I was actually upset it had ended. The Jon Johns clearly curate music worth not only listening to, but supporting. We at BuzzMusic love it, we're listening to "Outlaw" and other tracks by the group, and we're highly (highly) suggesting the BuzzMusic community listens to it too. 

Check out "Outlaw" in all of its glory here, by The Jon Johns!


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