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Faymo Opens Up In A Moody New Single, “Don’t Kill My Vibe”

Hailing from Montreal, Canada, is rapper, singer-songwriter, and hip-hop/r&b recording artist Faymo with a personal and sonically delicious new single, "Don't Kill My Vibe."

Faymo's dynamic sound ranges from emotional and heartfelt r&b to hard-hitting and gripping hip-hop. Having made music since 2015 while settling into these two genres, Faymo strives to expand and create music that all listeners can chill with and vibe to. His sound is best described as a "late night, relaxed type" that brings you deep into his personal world.

Speaking of personal, perhaps there's no better way to get to know the man behind the microphone than through Faymo's new single, "Don't Kill My Vibe." The song is an introspective, piano-heavy, r&b sweet escape that sonically and lyrically serenades the mind, body, and soul. Faymo's irresistible vocals, alongside his emotional meets serious bars, are sure to impress any listener.

The atmospheric new tune, "Don't Kill My Vibe," smoothly opens with lush r&b keys and accompanying synths that travel into warm hip-hop drums. Faymo's melodic vocal appearance grabs our attention with his radiating emotion and honesty, helping listeners get to know a more personal side of him and his thoughts.

All while Faymo serenades us with his smooth-sailing yet introspective bars, the sonics dance in the background while pouring through our speakers with the same emotion that Faymo brings to the table. It's one of the most genuine and emotional r&b/hip-hop songs we've heard this year, and we're sure listeners will appreciate Faymo's ability to dance between these genres and bring you deep into his conceptual bars.

Steer clear of negativity and lose yourself in the introspective atmosphere of Faymo's new single, "Don't Kill My Vibe," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Faymo. We love the blanket of emotion and tender vibes you delivered in your new single, "Don't Kill My Vibe." What was your main source of inspiration behind the introspective piece?

I was bumpin’ Kendrick Lamar’s “Don’t Kill My Vibe,” and you know, everyone goes through that time of day when something just kills their vibe. At the time, EVERYTHING was killin’ my vibe, so I had that “I don’t give a fuck” type of attitude and just made the song sound vibey and just toxic, and nowadays, for some reason, everyone loves being toxic.

What was it like sitting yourself down to write such reflective and emotional lyrics and bars for "Don't Kill My Vibe?" What was your songwriting process like?

Found a beat I liked, had it on repeat, and from there, I would just hum or spit in gibberish just to get a flow, then from there, I just write down whatever comes to mind, and sometimes I also just hit record and just go off the top like one to two liners, and if I like it I keep it, if not I scrap it. While I was writing the song, the first line of the hook just came to me because I was just drinking normal juice, hahaha, like literal Minute Maid on my table, and I’m just vibing to the beat and writing.

How does "Don't Kill My Vibe" help new listeners get to know your sound and style better? Do you usually create such moody, relaxed, and personal songs like this?

I’ve always had that mentality where I shouldn’t ONLY focus on one type of genre, like, let's say, Rap, and just stay in that category, I want to be known as that diverse artist, you know? Like he’s THE artist that diversified his music, not just only staying in that rap category, I’ve moved into the R&B genre, trying to step into that pop and electronic world and another genre’s out there, just gotta put my mind to it. Yea, I try to create songs that are more moody/relaxed, something to vibe to, smoke to, go on a late night drive type music. There’s a lover boy side, too, where it’s more, you know, emotional, love, heartbreaks, etc… Something people can relate to.

What sort of listening experience did you want to give listeners with "Don't Kill My Vibe?" What did you want this song to offer?

"Don’t Kill My Vibe” is a song to enjoy while you’re driving, smoking, drinking, or whatever; it’s that type of song you can just bump and get lit to, and it’s simple, not much going on in the song, that’s how I wanted it to be, a moody but vibey song. The lyrics are pretty toxic/savage like the listeners would hear the words and be like, “yo, that’s fucked up,” “no way he said that,” etc…but at the end of the day, people still gonna listen to it regardless of what I say, it’s just a vibey song to bump!

What's next for you?

Gonna be working on some new music; I’m taking my time with it, not rushing anything. I gotta put my mind to what I want and how I want the songs to sound. I already have an album that’s done, but I’m just working on the track list, the order I want the songs in, and removing and adding songs to the album. It’s a 3 part album put into 1. The first part got that old-school rap, the second part is more than new school / melodic rap, and the third part contains R&B., So I hope when that time comes to drop the album, everyone’s ready for that for real. Just like BBD’s slogan, I got that “Hip-Hop Smoothed Out on the R&B Tip With a Pop Feel Appeal to it.” I hope you enjoy the new music I’m gonna be dropping soon, different styles, different vibes.


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