Fearless One's Model Victoria Canal Launches Her New Single “Drama”

A truly inspiring and empowering young artist, 21-year-old, Victoria Canal is on a mission to improve humanity. Losing an arm to Amniotic Band Syndrome, Canal aims to express that everyone is born different and we as humans use find acceptance and openness in ourselves and others. Victoria is an LGBTQ, Spanish- American singer/ songwriter from Los Angeles known and respected for her ability to express vulnerability and openly connection with her audience. Passionate about spreading the message of diversity, inclusion, and belonging.

“Drama” is a perfect single, encompassing Canals central motives and passions as a songwriter. Exploring themes of criticism and acceptance, she forces us to confront our inner critic and challenge our minds to see past the pessimism and create an alternative image of positivity and self-love. The release coincides with Nike’s new FlyEase Air Jordan I, a shoe designed for adaptive and Fearless athlete’s (a new generation of defiant and talented individuals). “Drama” is playful, entertaining and powerful. The song highly her passionate spirit, soulful vocals and genuine talent as a singer. She presents a carefree attitude against catchy Poppy/ Hip-Hop beats. A flawless track with upbeat vibes and a motivational and empowering message. Loving her use of music to spread compelling humanitarian ideals!

Listen to "Drama" here.