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Fearn Explores the First Stages of Love in “Lake Annecy (Feat. Lorphe)”

Blessing our ears from Sussex, producer and songwriter Fearn teams up with the harmonious stylings of singer-songwriter Lorphe for their dreamy new single, "Lake Annecy (feat. Lorphe)."

Fearn's lush compositions never fail to sweep any listener off their feet. Fearn is the alias of Will Taylor, who took his name from the Gaelic word Fearn: Alder tree, often associated with strength, compassion, and generosity. Through his debut single, listeners can get to know more about Fearn's delicate yet complex creations.

Speaking of the new release, "Lake Annecy (feat. Lorphe)," listeners can also hear Fearn's musical influences shine through his tranquil compositions, paying homage to acts like Bon Iver, Orlando Weeks, and Efterklang. What's equally as chilling is the lush feature from singer-songwriter Lorphe, whose vocals are honestly a sonic slice of serenity. Fearn explained the song explores those thrilling and fully encompassing emotions of falling into the initial stages and love and watching it grow.

Hitting play on "Lake Annecy (feat. Lorphe)," the song gently begins with a mid-tempo hi-hat, warm piano melodies, and Lorphe's chilling vocal stylings that float and drift with the utmost passion and emotion. We must give props to the soul-soothing, and cinematic production/composition Fearn brings to the table; he perfectly portrays such depth and passion through his transcendent arrangements.

As we continue further into the song, Lorphe leaves us in a trance with such a soft and velvety sound. But the true magic happens when Lorphe's vocals perfectly merge with Fearn's delicate composition, a true match made in heaven. We also deeply appreciate how calming and relaxed this single is, and we're sure our readers will be quick to add this beautiful piece to their playlists.

Feel your heart skip a beat with Fearn and Lorphe's new single, "Lake Annecy (feat. Lorphe)," now available on all streaming platforms.

Congratulations on releasing your lush and passionate debut single, "Lake Annecy (feat. Lorphe)." When did you begin creating the composition and production for this piece? Did anything inspire you?

Thank you very much! I actually had to check my emails to Iris (Lorphe) to check when we first started writing Lake Annecy together. I sent over my first sketch of the track in December 2021, so we're both incredibly excited to see it being released into the ether.

What was it like working with the serene singer-songwriter Lorphe for "Lake Annecy (feat. Lorphe)?" Was this your first time collaborating with each other?

I sent Iris a message over Instagram to see what she was up to music-wise as I listened to a few demos she had up on Soundcloud and loved her voice. I then sent her over a very rough and young version of Lake Annecy, and she was really positive about it. Even though we made the track in entirely separate rooms (we only met for the first time in the summer of 2021), it felt like a very natural process, and I felt like we had very similar ideas of where we wanted the track to end up, and what we wanted to convey from the song.

How did you manage to create a composition that reflects those passionate initial stages of new love? What was your creative process like for "Lake Annecy (feat. Lorphe)?"

The tracks' initial stages began with the reverb guitar sample that plays throughout a lot of the song. With this, I tried to replicate the sound of flowing water (along with the hi-hats). I tried to keep the instrumentals quite minimal in the verses to allow more scope for Iris' vocals. I'm not a natural vocalist, so I'm always blown away by how vocalists create their melodies, and Iris' vocals and lyrics were the perfect fit for the track.

How would you say this song represents you and the music you create? How can listeners get to know you better through "Lake Annecy (feat. Lorphe)?"

Lake Annecy is a song that I am incredibly proud of and was also one of the first tracks I wrote under this alias. It's a track I want people to listen to away from the noise and busyness of daily life. A lot of the inspiration for my tracks comes from nature and landscapes.

What's next for you?

For the past couple of years, I've been writing a lot, either for myself or for other projects. The stillness that was imposed by the various lockdowns gave me more time to focus and craft my sound. I've toyed around with a few styles, but I feel that I've finally found the 'Fearn' sound. In terms of release, I've got around seven completely finished tracks. I plan on releasing a remix of Lake Annecy (by one of my pals, Silas Fry) in the next month or so, then will do a string of releases. Plenty more to come!


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