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Feast Upon the Messaging of Terry Jones in "Silent Like Chaplin"

Previously coming at us with the messaging laced into ‘THIS IS MY STATEMENT,’ the multifaceted Terry Jones returns with his latest single, “Silent Like Chaplin.”

Immediately intriguing us with the dark undertones that lie within this single, “Silent Like Chaplin,” opens eyes to the raw and uncensored moments that are brought to the surface in regards to battling racism, Willie Lynchism, and police brutality. Containing a sample from the notable Richard Pryor in order to extend the vision in the initial moments of the song’s arrival, Terry Jones celebrates Juneteenth as he brings these issues to your speakers. There is a hefty connotation that is left for us to feast on as we dig deeper into the transitioning slow to quick-paced verses before us.

Over a Trap inspired beat that weighs in supreme with a bolstered bassline and pulsating drum arrangements, the intensification of “Silent Like Chaplin,” is elevated to a newfound dimension where you not only get lost in the music but truly hone in on what Terry Jones has to say. Lyrical motifs such as the heavily driven chorus, ‘They want me silent like Chaplin, they don’t like outspoken Black men,’ has us fixated on the greater purpose that is at hand when creating an artistic composition that leads with a meaningful touchdown.

Terry Jones is known for the way that he weaves together messaging in the creations he portrays. Navigating us to a thesis that abruptly resonates with our souls, Terry Jones acts as a voice for all P.O.C waiting to be heard.

A warm welcome back to BuzzMusic, Terry Jones! With such a brilliant and authentic concept that comes into play for the celebration of Juneteenth, how long did it take you to write, record, and release “Silent Like Chaplin?"

Thank you! This song is important to me, it didn’t take long for the writing. The concept was in my head and I just needed the beat to match the exact tone and intensity. We did two different sessions; I recorded the song and sat with the first verse and went back to record and add to it. I wanted this to be a powerful song and not a poorly executed concept. This song has been ready to release since late April. I knew coming off the last single we would need to really prove my abilities since I am a comedian going into a serious genre. This song came from the heart and soul. Gene Ashley and Roscoe approved and agreed this was the track that and message needed. What was it like working with production architect Mayce, and mix engineer extraordinaire Roscoe Wiki? How were they able to help you take this vision to the next level? Both are genius, I. Love working with them! I came to Mayce with a concept and he created exactly what I needed fast. The kid moves so fast and he’s also an amazing rapper; he gave feedback and I went back and fixed some things on the track. Mayce and Roscoe are my go-to producers. Roscoe was able to add the sound effects and sound needed; he also was able to mix up something nice to show off my flow at the ending of the song. I am working with an amazing team and they’re helping me grow more and more.. You’re known for the messaging that you place into your music. Where do you find yourself the most creative when bringing life to these pieces? I find myself most creative being myself. A lot of artists sound the same and that’s ok because it’s still good music. I enjoy trusting the universe to guide my art, and this is why it works out for me. I am more of a conduit of art than an ego-driven person; this makes art flow better. How have you found yourself growing as an artist from last year to now? I find myself just trusting in the path God wants me to be on. I am learning that it’s ok to be confident and that I am actually good at rapping. The actual songs will get better; learning how to write a song is the key for the next two years. Rapping is not the hard part; the hard part is making a good overall song. I am enjoying the growth and I know others will too. What can listeners anticipate to hear next from you? I want to have an EP done for November or December. I am excited to create more and more music; I have certain artists I want to work with, and I am excited for what the future holds on all my crafts. Acting and Comedy can help me with the creative visions of the music. I can’t wait for everyone to embrace my sounds and visions.


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