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FEAT Pours Emotions on Instant R&B Classic, “This Time”

FEAT made his official debut on the airwaves with 'For the Lovers Mixtape' in 2020 and stayed true to his ethos of creating true music for fans and those who appreciate the art of storytelling. He started cutting his teeth as a vocalist at the age of 13 before starting private vocal and acting lessons at the Freedom Theater of Philadelphia. In 2021, tracks from his debut album featured in the independent film, The Unhinged. "This Time'' was recorded at After5 Studios in Philadelphia, featuring Julian Harris AKA, Blvck Soul on bass.

"This Time" is a timeless R&B gem waiting to be discovered. FEAT explains that “This Time was written during a breakup, after numerous attempts to make the relationship work, I was left with disappointment, dissatisfaction, and hurt. This song became a way to relieve the undesirable emotions; it was time for me to realize my potential, what I am capable of, and to disconnect from a love that was so very tragic.”

FEAT's well-delivered vocals and ambient production take you to a place in his mind where he phones for more from his other half, he is done playing the fool for her. He feels tarnished and used, as he loses his mind over all the lies she keeps spewing. It's not fair that he keeps being there for her, but hasn't been getting that energy in return, it feels like energy wasted.

FEAT's jaw-dropping vocal performance is one of the reasons why you'll find yourself always coming back to this track. "This Time" ends with an epic electric guitar solo leading us home.

Welcome to BuzzMusic FEAT The Singer, and congratulation on your latest release "This Time." What would you say inspired the record and how long did it take to perfect it all?

It is truly an honor. What inspired “This Time” was a moment I’ve had with myself to take control of my life and a situation that was taxing. I was in a relationship that drained all of me. It was this last instance that had broken me down to the lowest. I found myself withdrawn from the world, closed out from everyone and everything, I was so emotionally unstable, broken, and lost. Literally, all that. I wanted to exhaust these feelings and I felt like even if I talked about it, it wouldn’t really do any justice to how I am really feeling; words weren’t enough. I decided to write a song, more so a letter to this person. It is funny now because the moment I began writing it was the moment he thought I’d be continuously caught in this game of light switch - it was on and off. I was an erratic love. Toxic. I decided I did not want to be a part of this cycle anymore and it was time to cut those soul ties. This time is different. This time you can’t come back. This time I won’t allow myself to re-enter my life to do the same thing over and over again. This time I am going to put myself first.

"This Time" is such a relatable record for many people, would you say it evolved into something greater than your first few records? If yes, what did you do differently?

This Time has surely surpassed prior releases and it was all purposeful. I took my time with This Time and made sure that it was perfect enough to share with the world. I did not want to do the same thing as before and make the same sound as I did on “For the Lovers Mixtape”. I invested so much time in this record and listened to it a million times until I felt deep in my soul that it was ready to be released.

What moment are you most proud of to date? And, what keeps you making music and pushing the boundaries?

I am very proud of everything I’ve done thus far. I am blessed. One of my best moments yet would have to be a private show I held for the release of “This Time,” which I called ‘FEAT Live.’ I wanted to create an intimate experience that allowed me to connect with my faithful supporters, give them something they truly deserved, and let them know I appreciated their support. This intimate show was divided into two sessions and I performed many songs from my first project ‘For the Lovers Mixtape,’ “Flirtin,’” and of course, “This Time.” I loved seeing everyone enjoying themselves and indulging in that experience with me.

How do you get into an emotional space like you did with "This Time" and do you think it's easy for you to channel that feeling?

I am in tune with my emotions. It wasn’t hard for me to tap into my emotions with this song because this song was influenced by real-life situations and real emotions. It is easier for me to create passionate, intense songs like “This Time” than any other type of song.

What's next for you?

I will be releasing another single soon that I am really excited about. It is different from me and what I have been releasing but it is on the same route as the type of songs I will be releasing in the future. Most people know me as being this happy and vibrant person, so I do want to convey that side of me. I look forward to what’s next for me and the evolution in my music career, and however, that looks. I am working.


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