Feel At "Home," With Dominik Poch's Latest Single

Coming in from West Germany, the compelling Singer-Songwriter and Instrumentalist Dominik Poch releases his third studio single titled "Home."

Getting into the creative arts at an early age, Dominik Poch later participated in various garage bands that helped his writing and guitar-work flourish. Now releasing solo music to get listeners feeling something, Dominik Poch fuels his organic sound with emotional experiences that keep us coming back.

Recently releasing his third single, "Home," Dominik Poch takes listeners through a spirited and soulful journey with his uplifting and realistic lyricism. While the instrumentation simmers with tranquility and bliss through the mid-tempo pace and organic tones, Dominik Poch perfectly places his warm vocals overtop for us to savor.

Listening to "Home," the piece opens with heavy mid-tempo drum patterns, soothing acoustic guitar strums, and background percussion elements. As Dominik Poch enters the song with his bright and lush vocal abilities, he begins telling an emotional story of resiliently fighting for someone to realize that our surroundings are what we call "Home."

Dominik Poch has crafted this track with incredible depth, as he places his bright vocals in the background to haunt the song while keeping us hooked onto each stunning vocal portrayal he delivers. We can't help but feel a similar sound and style to Dallas Green, as Dominik Poch rains his mesmerizing vocals and organic instrumentals over us with grace.

What inspired you to write such an emotional and soulful piece like "Home"?

The daily frustration I felt, thinking about the ignorance of many people in relation to the alarming climate-related damage, inspired me to write this song.

What did you want to get across to listeners through your lyrical content within "Home"?

In my lyrics, there is a contrast between holding those people at the top of our society, those who could really change our situation, accountable for not doing enough, and nevertheless spreading hope for humanity and our planet. I wanted some people to feel called out and start acting and drawing distinctions.

What sort of vibe and atmosphere were you going for when creating the soulful instrumentals for "Home"? How did you want your listeners to feel?

I made the conscious decision to make the vibe of the song complementary. I wanted the listeners to feel safe by sitting in their warm living room, watching the news, and seeing the disaster our world is going through. And when the rough vocals deploy, in combination with the original quotes in the interlude, I wanted them to get uncomfortable in their situation.

Now that you have three released singles, should we expect an EP or album any time soon?

Yes, right now I’m still working on new music and a release plan for this year, and at least I can tell you that there’s an EP coming up in spring or maybe in summer, depends on how much time it takes. 5. What can we expect to see next from you? For two or three of my single records, I produced music videos, and if I still have time to arrange it between the release of the EP and now, I’ll release the third one for my song “Face the Rain,” too.