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Feel At Home With Rob Georg’s New Single “Ghost”

Throughout his lifetime, music has always been Rob Georg’s biggest companion, comforting him in gloomy times and inspiring him in more uplifting times. Growing up with horses, Rob's professional path led him first into equine sports. Influenced by the cowboy lifestyle, country music owns a big part of his musical passion. Performing for various family and friends events, Rob was encouraged to pursue music more in a serious manner. As a result, the desire to record 2 self-written songs in Nashville one day got priority on his bucket list, which he accomplished.

Fast-forward, Rob Georg is back with his release “Ghost” and we were serenaded by his southern charm and warm texture to his vocals. Country music is a beautiful genre and sometimes holds cherishable songwriting that’s more authentic. Rob Georg is a reflection of the authentic songwriting country stars shoot for. “Ghost” felt like a true single with a story being told. The beautiful acoustics from the guitar gives you a classic country ballad feel. The moments gave to us in “Ghost” were those of happiness, reflection, and romantic passion. Rob Georg's voice is just so heart-rendering where you’re evoked to close your eyes and just become comforted by his beautiful tone and resonance. “Ghost” is a natural tender record that’s cordially inviting its listener to tread down the same peaceful journey Rob is treading on. The All-American song, Ghost is great for an at-home feeling. It gives you fulfillment with its good-natured and sympathetic vibes. Rob Georg has a one of a kind voice and knows how to give his listeners an unforgettable melody!

Listen to "Ghost" here and get to know more about Rob Georg below!


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