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Feel Cool and Collected With Big Blind's "Bãrãn"

Big Blind consists of solo artist Yousef Bassirpour, here to bring a luscious yet somber sound to listeners alike. Big Blind has the goal in mind of combining traditional Middle Eastern music with the modern stylings of the Western World today. Big Blind has already released his 5-track EP, titled "Besa". The EP opens up the integrative stylings of Big Blind, establishing the essence of his sound well. Looking at his most recent work, Big Blind has released another contemporary track, filled with many intricacies that define the eccentrics of Big Blind. "Bãrãn" is the latest offering from Post-Rock band Big Blind. The track itself sees tons of prominent and heavy instrumentals, such as strong performance of guitar riffs, as well as aggressive drums.

Their echoing effect maintained throughout the track gives it an atmospheric touch. Once this is combined with the striking vocalism, the product becomes very balanced, hitting almost an equilibrium in sound. "Bãrãn" will take you on a true adventure with its centripetal effect, allowing listeners to feel a variety of emotions with each sound we're introduced with. We appreciate "Bãrãn" mainly for its composed style, and how harmonious the entire track comes to be. From a lyrical standpoint, "Bãrãn" holds a melancholic essence, taking listeners on an impactful journey. You can always count on Big Blind to bring a thoughtful and misty sounding! 

Check out "Bãrãn" by Big Blind here

Hey there, Big Blind! Thanks for coming to BuzzMusic, and congratulations on the release of "Bãrãn"! Can you walk us through your vision for this track, and more specifically, the kind of message you wanted to relay to listeners?

Bārān is a song that I wrote two years ago. It was inspired by Sufi music. The song has two meanings. The first is about being obsessed with controlling things and learning to step aside and let the universe take over. The second one is about the people of Iran and hoping that something will come along and be a catalyst for change (both regime change and societal change). The lyrics are half Farsi and half English. 

Your music is known to contain an integrative effect, featuring a surplus of soundings that stimulate listeners. Where do you get the inspiration to create the production of tracks such as "Bãrãn"?

I listen to a lot of different music. When I started writing Bārān (and the other songs on my EP) I was enamored with the idea of mixing 80's Darkwave synths with Industrial drums and Doom Metal guitars. At the time I was also listening to a lot of traditional Iranian music and Lebanese Dabke. Bārān was the culmination of that dream; it has a dark synth, big tribal drums, a heavy bridge and melodies inspired by Iranian music. 

As a singer/songwriter, how do you go about the process of creating a new track?

Most of my ideas start in my head. I'm a drummer so beats come to mind out of nowhere. Most of them are just forgettable motifs, but once in a while something will stand out and I'll jump on it and say 'this is a song'. From there I'll either go to my computer and re-create the beat or go to my guitar and come up with a part. At that point, I'll start singing stuff until a melody comes along that feels right for it. The lyrics...take forever. Bārān really transformed over time. Initially, it was just going to be a dancy song with a Middle Eastern vocal, but soon other elements came along that I never foresaw: the heavy chorus, the bridge with the prog rhythm, the double-time outro with twinkly synths, etc. Jason Lowrie (the man responsible for all of the mixing and vocal production) and Jared Hirshland (the man behind the mastering) really played a big role in giving the song its dynamics as well. 

When you were in the curating stages of "Bãrãn", did you feel that you maintained the same vision from start to finish?

The EP that I just released (Besa) was really my first venture into Electronic music. I've always been an analog musician; I've played everything from Jazz to Post-Hardcore. Making Industrial music is an entirely different venture and I hope to learn more as I go forward. I want to find more sounds to incorporate into the music and explore all the different styles that I've dreamt of exploring. I also want to stay on my path and make sure that I don't veer from it. I think it's really easy to slip into making pop music or something that will get you a bit more attention. I want to keep making Middle Eastern / Industrial / Darkwave / Post-Rock for as long as I can. 

What are some of the bigger goals you hold as an Industrial/Post-Rock artist? It was great to have you here to chat about the release of "Bãrãn"! Where do you think the music world will take you and your artistry next?

Thank you! I honestly can't even begin to speculate about that. All I can say is that I hope it takes me beyond the borders of this country as I would really like to tour the world. I've always seen this project as being something international and I'm doing everything I can to take it to that level. 



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