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Feel Ferocious With Chad Watsons "Chad Chad Chad"!

Residing in Los Angeles, CA, Chad Watson is making huge waves with his modern trap musical stylings. We're highly impressed with the level of expertise Chad maintains and is able to embed strongly within his music. Chad's sound is intense, so prepare yourself for an intensified rap production. As an artist who is able to read, write, and compose music entirely on his own, we're ultimately impressed with the abilities Chad is able to bring to the table as an artist, and especially how he uses such talents to craft his music in the best way possible. Chad Watson will make you feel like you're on top of the world with the atmospheric vibes his music embodies. His latest track, "Chad Chad Chad" will expel such a bold and ferocity! 

Chad Watson knows how to curate a catchy and heavy-hitting rap track. "Chad Chad Chad" easily flows with its more intensified beat and creates a fierce atmosphere for any listener. You'll give a listen to "Chad Chad Chad" and feel a surge of confidence and energy. The lyricism on Chad Watson's end is absolutely memorable. Chad Watson knows what's trendy, and has produced a track that encompassed such vital Hip/Hop and Rap elements. As a musician who has many artistic capabilities, we know we wouldn't be disappointed with the overall execution of "Chad Chad Chad", and we can solidify that we were anything but disappointed! We know "Chad Chad Chad" will be the next trap record to make it on many listeners radars! 

Check out Chad's single "Chad Chad Chad" here, as well as his exclusive interview with BuzzMusic below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Chad Watson! Are you able to start this interview off by explaining to our readers how you knew the music scene was for you?

Let me start off by saying thank you BuzzMusic for having me. Early on I was put into Conservatory school, and trained in music theory. Coming from a musical family, and being creative myself, it was a very natural transition into making my own music.

The craft of your music is meticulously capturing! The kind of confidence and energy we felt throughout "Chad Chad Chad" was especially entrancing. Does this type of intensity come naturally to you when you're recording, or is it an element you had to craft over time?

Good question. I appreciate the kind words. To answer your question, the intensity that I gave in Chad Chad Chad, both comes naturally and is an element that I cracked it over time. I like to feel that something should be raw and gifted like Talent, yet also be honed and skilled like any other craft. So I embody that when I record and perform.

What was the intended atmosphere for listeners when listening to "Chad Chad Chad"?

When I record my songs, to be very candid it's a vulnerable side of me. So I try to just lay it all out on the line...and I always feel grateful when listeners resonate with the message. However they feel or choose to go, all is gratifying to me.

Tell us about your experience in the music world in Los Angeles! There's such an incredible music world here, and we're curious how you use this to your advantage as an artist?

The experience in Los Angeles in this music scene almost can be put into words. I've rubbed elbows with the biggest names, performed with chart-topping artists, and even had my songs mixed by Grammy award-winning engineers. This scene is especially saturated, but for the fortunate and blessed few, it can be everything dreams are made of. I try to remain humble and remember where I came from, and use this as my fuel to just keep pushing forward.

Thanks for coming on here to talk about yourself and your music! Are you planning on performing at any venues in the near future?

Thanks very much again for having me here on BuzzMusic LA. It truly was an honor and a blessing to be invited and featured here to be a part of your team. Catch me performing at kushstock festival at Adelanto Stadium in August.


Don't forget to check up on the latest with Chad Watson & his music via his Instagram!

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