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Feel Funky With Eli Raybon's Mix On Bowie and Devo's "Primitive Man"

Eli Raybon is the next big thing when it comes to the production of modern psychedelia music. We feel absolutely entranced by the beats Eli is able to curate, and listening to his music briefly we knew we'd become hooked (we did)! Eli Raybon focuses on mixing 80's pop music, to create an environment with familiarity, yet adds in his own unique and hard-hitting mashes. The execution in Eli's mixes are flawless, we genuinely couldn't find a single part of his tracks that we didn't vibe with. Eli Raybon was MEANT to produce these mash-up tracks, and we're incredibly excited to introduce his latest project to the BuzzMusic community!

Eli Raybon has released his mash-up of Bowie and Devo's "Primitive Man", and it's definitely one of the best modern psychedelia/funky mixes we've heard in quite some time. Eli clearly understood the exact tone needed for the remix, and creates a track that is intense, hypnotic, and overall modish track. Personally, we felt that Eli's mix on "Primitive Man" was the perfect track for any time of our day--we played it in the office all morning, we added the track to our playlists, and some of us downloaded it ourselves to bring home with us! We're all types of feeling Eli's mixing skills, and the synths he's able to produce and blend together incredibly well. The intriguing programming behind the track is what will for sure catch the listeners attention. We're anticipating more releases from Eli in the future, that's for sure. 

Catch Eli's mix on "Primitive Man" here!


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