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Feel Pure Emotion From Avalon Kali's New Single "Looking Back on You"

Everyone has trudged through the pain of a break up. The memories, the constant reminders that person is no longer in your life, it haunts you. ‘Looking Back on You’ is set to a beautiful, haunting melody that floats you above the ache of your broken heart. The acoustic guitar strums warm and simple cords, and a soft country twang set in the back ground will have you longing for home. Avalon Kalis’s voice rises you up above the heart ache; a powerful full bodied voice, she hits the high notes with power and nails the lows in a poignant and sultry pitch.

A California native, Avalon Kali uprooted and is currently immersed in Nashville life, working with fellow songwriters and artists, playing writer’s rounds and venues across the city honing her country music artistry. She has graced the stage alongside Jordan Davis, Love and Theft, Maggie rose and other incredible country artists. Her first self-titled EP ‘Avalon Kali’, was released in 2017 and single ‘Speechless’ delivering up-tempo country pop rhythms. ‘Looking Back on You,’ Kali’s latest single is out now and available for streaming! Don’t miss out on this talented artist!

Listen to "Looking Back on You" here!

How do you feel living in Nashville has influenced your music?

Living in Nashville has influenced my development as an independent artist and songwriter by being surrounded by so many talented people all the time.  Almost everywhere to go there is live music and most of the time, it is Country. I've always been a fan of Country music, but living in the heart of  music city has definitely made my writing and style of music into what is is now.

 Is there anyone in country music you are dying to collaborate with? 

I would love to collaborate with Old Dominion. Not only are they an amazing band but also very talented songwriters. Their last album, "Happy Endings," has so many incredible songs that while listening through the album when it first came out, I kept thinking to myself "wow, I wish I wrote that song" or "that was a great song idea." Their vibe is similar to mine and I would love create a duet or set up a writing session with the band. That would be a dream come true. 

What made you want to get into the country music scene?

Folsom, California is a lot more country than you would think. When you think of California, a lot of people immediately think of palm trees, beaches, and pop music. Growing up I was surrounded by farmland and listened to a lot of the legendary Johnny Cash and my idol, Shania Twain. I would sing in front of the mirror to her hits almost everyday. Singer/songwriter, James Taylor, was the artist who inspired me to start writing my own music when I was 12 years old.

 How do you prepare yourself to sing an emotional song like ‘Looking Back On You’?

It really isn't a hard song for me to sing. Yes, it is filled with a lot of emotion and there is definite hurt in specific lines, but since it is a breakup song that is hopeful and almost nostalgic, I feel thankful to have had a past relationship that I can look back on with only good feelings. I hope that people can hear this song and think of someone in their life who they were grateful to have. 

What’s next for you through 2019?

2019 will be filled with more new music coming out throughout the next couple of months and more live shows around Nashville, Tennessee. 


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