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Feel the Angst of Press Your Luck’s New Single, "In My Bones"

Blending captivating melodies with catchy lyrics, Detroit, Michigan is home to the energetic rock band Press Your Luck. Comprised of Ricky Fries (vocals), Jim Ash (rhythm guitar), Brandon Howcroft (lead guitar), Nick Thibodeau (drums), aka Thibby, and Nick Steadman (bass), aka Steady, this group has been acquainted for the better part of their lives.

Bearing their latest single, "In My Bones," this amplified release comes as part of their forthcoming EP, 'Painfully Aware,' which is set to release in early 2023. As the band conjures up the adored dynamism they're meticulously known for, this single delves into nuances of the tragedy of heartache after a breakup. Braving the vulnerability that comes from this stature's highly relatable subject matter, the intensified vitality hailing from this record is meant to relate with everyone far and wide.

Powerful guitar riffs sizzle throughout this track as the impactful rhythm keeps the lively tempo moody and dramatic. Painting vivid imagery with the gritty lyrics shed, there's a raw sincerity that's immensely professed as we take in every word. Ricky Fries goes on to say, "Everyone has experienced a heartbreak in one way or another, and if there's a line or two in this song that can resonate with somebody who's really going through it, I think that's pretty cool."

Teaming up with production architect Dave Miseveth at Tuxedo Avenue Studios, Press Your Luck excels at conveying the emotion behind its melodic concepts. You can hear it in how Ricky Fries croons with utter passion, how Thibby and Steady manipulate the rhythm to create empowering grooves, and how Jim Ash and Brandon Howcroft feed into the energy of the charismatic riffs performed.

Listen to the larger-than-life teaser "In My Bones" from the highly anticipated EP "Painfully Aware."

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Press Your Luck, and congratulations on capturing such vivid imagery to match the passion heard in "In My Bones." We can genuinely say the song's title matches the intensity we feel. With heartbreak being so widely regarded, is this record based on a particular instance or all of your experience combined?

Thank you! Man, what a compliment. It’s been great to get feedback like this and hear how the song and video are received. Regarding the writing process, we started with a broad overture of a theme. Still, during the course of finalizing these songs, a couple of us went through some rough times romantically, and it seems to have permeated through in the final version of the record. That’s what I love about music, though; it’s really a time-stamp of a certain point in time for both the artist and the audience.

The detail heard throughout the production makes this record a standout. What was it like working with Dave Miseveth to create the energy felt?

Dave is great! He’s so patient, kind, and knowledgeable, for that matter. It’s nice to have an objective opinion in the room that you can trust without too much outside input on how a song should go. It’s a fine line to toe, but his comic relief and “take it or leave” advice are always very much appreciated and welcomed. He has always gone above and beyond for us; we wouldn't be here without him. Truly a pleasure to work with. I also want to shout out to Lance Prenc, who did an incredible job mixing and mastering these tracks. He captured the feel of what we were going for and made these songs “Pop!” with little to no corrections from us. Between the two of these guys’ quality of work and professionalism, I think we came up with something pretty enjoyable to the ear.

What musical and non-musical influences do you allow to inspire your music?

I’ll honestly listen to anything under the sun that sounds good, at that moment, to me. I’m sure the bulk of my ideas come from when I have the heat on my feet and a hand out the window on a chilly summer night driving down an empty freeway. That's my happy place. I could have some pop-punk playing, or it could be Drake. It might even be country if I have the radio on. Sometimes, it’s no music; whatever is scratching the itch at that time. Most of my influences come to me when my mind is quiet like that.

What words of advice do you have for your audience dealing with a heartbreak they can't seem to shake?

I’m by no means someone that should give other people advice on anything. But I will say the biggest factor is just time. You have to trust that it gets better, and the only thing that can make that happen is time. However, you also need a way to “download” those feelings into something else that’s preferably positive/creative (and if it gets you out of the house and moving, it's even better!). It could be journaling, running, writing songs, or singing your guts out to an empty freeway at night, but if you do those things long enough, you eventually start to feel better. Whether it's a breakup or a death in the family, heartbreak hurts the same, but it does eventually get easier. I feel like too many people these days don’t see the light at the end of the tunnel. Just keep going and trust that it's there, and when you make it through the other side, you're a stronger person for having walked into the tunnel in the first place.

We're thrilled to hear the talk about a new EP coming in 2023! What can we expect from this project?

This EP will be a good taster for what's to come, but I can’t say it's all going to “taste” the same. These chosen few songs will do a good job showcasing our sound and what we’re capable of as a whole. Of course, as our lives change, so does the music, so there’s no telling how our sound will mature. We are hitting 2023 hard, and we hope to see the fans along for the ride with us having a good time when they come to a show!

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