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Feel the Bass with 818 SUKI's "Detox"

Hyper pop and Digicore artist 818 SUKI has released the final installment of his musical puzzle before we head into PLANET SUKI.

"Detox" captures our attention as a single and music video that thrives in an eccentric universe of charisma as we navigate through each vibrant scene in the elevation of creativity. Unfiltered is a cutting-edge electronic atmosphere. We witness an advanced take as we indulge in an organized chaos that is fierce with marking its territory. 818 SUKI carries buoyant elements into the ethereal bed of melodic shades that further entice us in the exploration of a new-found dimension.

The cinematic appeal swings you into high gear as you place the pieces of this abstract enigma together in an ominous rage. Special effects balance out the neon-driven quick cut scenes that have us submerged in hazy imagery of lucid imaginations. It's rare to find an artist deeply connected to the individuality that they express as both the sonic and visual portion of this masterpiece coincide in a conceptualized theme. The setting shifts through an impactful collection of stewing inventiveness that has your head bopping to the music as you're out of your seat feeling the musicality of "Detox," more than you hear the fusion of the concepts.

818 SUKI is known to deliver his talents on a silver platter, and with creations like this locking down his musical catalog, there is no doubt that PLANET SUKI will take us for a spin.

With such a defined sound, we’re curious as to the experimental process you endured to come to the resonance that you’re known for. Could you please take us into how you discovered your enticing sound? I'm always trying to find new music, and with that, lots of different sounds come thru my ear every day, heavily influencing the music I'm making at the moment. From Aphex Twin to food house, from 100 gecs to Gigi D'Agostino, the sounds which influence the creation of mine are wildly different, but coherent to each other. With “DETOX,” being the final puzzle piece before PLANET SUKI, what does this song mean to you as an artist? What was it like working with ARTIS JEFE to achieve the desired sound heard in this single? DETOX is the track that showers off all the heavy and emotional energy accumulated. It prepares the listener for the end of PLANET SUKI: "civil war. ARTIS JEFE is a long-time collaborator and friend, and as CXNDOM's lyrical artist, his input is always an upgrade to the song. Particularly, around the time we were making this track, I was getting him familiar with the Digicore/Glitchcore/Hyperpop scene, and the influence shows! What are you hoping listeners take away from the ingenious atmosphere raised in “Detox?" I hope—within the track's atmosphere—that they find a place to let their emotions go out and be expressed freely. In what capacity do you balance out creating for yourself versus for your desired audience? I only make music I like. And when thinking about my audience, I like to remind myself one thing: if it sounds crazy to me, it's gonna sound crazy to someone else as well.


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