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Feel The Beat in Collins Isco's Upbeat Bop, "The One"

Emerging from the music scene as a promising up and comer, Collins Isco seasons the industry with a new flavor that brings a different frequency to the music that he creates. Hailing from Kumasi in Ghana, artist and songwriter Collins Isco continues to amass a fan base devoted to his artistry known as Isco Nation.

This Kumasi boy adopts a multidimensional flow in Afro-pop, Hip-hop, and R&B, which has earned him television appearances to talk about his journey through the music industry and childhood upbringings in his hometown. Collaborating with Grammy-award nominated producers and artists, there are no signs of stopping for Collins Isco.

The upbeat ambiance of his most recent single, “The One,” takes us into an intoxicating realm of vibrant tenors. Etching a compelling hue to the tropical vibrations across this sonic canvas, Collins Isco portrays an electrically charged tempo that’s heard in the textured croons he angelically offers to his listeners.

With instrumentation that is fixated on conveying the rhythmic nature of the drum patterns, we’re drawn towards the multitude of complexities treasured throughout the musical elements in the production we breathe in. Drum rolls, golden horns, and vocal layers comprise the inimitable grooves that dominate this record and ultimately have us out of our seats, moving to the vibrant energy conveyed.

Performing soothing timbres that graze through various components of desire, passion, and devotion, the soundscape of “The One” has us attentive to detailed lyrical motifs such as ‘I’ve been looking around the world girl, I say you’re the one for me.’ So it’s no surprise why Collins Isco has listeners gravitating towards his impressionable bodies of work.

The thought and care placed behind each piece are apparent in the melodies that freely flow to our ears. Making his genre-blending sound radiate in the warmth of Afro Pop and R&B, “The One” has cemented our thoughts of Collins Isco being the one to take the crown.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Collins Isco, and congratulations on the release of "The One." With such buoyant energy conveyed throughout this record, we have to ask: what inspired the lyrics in this particular track?

Thank you, thank you! It's a pleasure. The lyrics in "The One" were inspired by the vibes I was having with the woman I've been close with for some time now. ‘Cos we just happened to be soulfully connecting in the zone as usual...just pure Isco vibes and nothing else, you know...

Do you tend to write from a place of personal experience? Do you find that when you choose to do so, you write in the moment of these events or after the fact?

Always. My lyrics mean so much to me. I could say even more to me that it means to Isco Nation, and not to say I don't appreciate them or anything; of course, they're my everything! But it's because what I go through or experience is what I can make songs about. There are times when I record songs, and if I'm not feeling it then it's never getting dropped. Because it has to mean so much to me before I let the world experience the vibrations too, that's what I'm about, and I guess that's why it's easier for people to relate to my sound.

Could you please take us into what the creative process of "The One" looked like when bringing this vision to life?

It was smooth, actually. We hit up the engineer at the studio the evening before and we went straight into the zone the following afternoon. It didn't take that much longer to record cos I knew exactly how I wanted it to sound in mind before bringing it into life and shout out to the sound engineer ‘cos I was actually late in traffic on my way to the studio, but he was amazingly professional and was patient with his work too.

How does it feel to have this piece out into the world? What has been your biggest takeaway from this release?

Oh my, it feels great! Considering the positive reviews, it has been getting so far. I knew I had teased the song earlier this year and had Isco Nation wondering when it's finally getting released, but God being so good, everything seems to work well at the perfect timing, and I believe it was meant to be released at the perfect time. That's been my biggest takeaway, like not to rush and do anything in life just because you think and feel you're behind or anything. But yeah, I'm glad the people love it and are vibing to it. All Glory be to God.

What's next for you?

Ahh..yes!. more vibes are definitely on the way cos I promised not to keep the supporters waiting for long but yeah, more sounds, more visuals, just more sounds! ‘Cos I've been writing lately, and it's just a matter of time I step in my zone and get them all recorded. Also, have some surprise features in the works with a couple of international artists and some big Ghanaian artists in the industry...I don't want to say much for now... but I know there'll be some worthy surprises.


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