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Feel the Groove With Angel Dweh's Latest Single, "Come Over (feat. Faithvonic)"

The Pennsylvania-based Liberian-American singer-songwriter, composer, dancer, and actor Angel Dweh teams up with Faithvonic to release an endearing Afropop single entitled "Come Over (feat. Faithvonic)."

The radio award-nominee and recording artist is known for creating various genres within his music, ranging from pop to Afropop/afrobeat and r&b. Also called the Afro-Prince, Angel Dweh exposes a unique and honest sound of his own and Liberia.

Teaming up with Faithvonic for their latest release, "Come Over (feat. Faithvonic)," the two artists come together to serve the utmost spirited vibes through their passionate lyricism and equally enthralling performances. While the beat keeps us grooving the whole way through, Angel Dweh stands in the spotlight and sings straight from the heart.

Listening to "Come Over (feat. Faithvonic)," the song opens with bright background synths and a bouncy Afropop beat. As Angel Dweh begins singing an inspirational message of spending his life with someone dear, the accompanying production throws us onto the dancefloor with each groovy and sweet sonic element.

As Angel Dweh continues to sing of wanting to spend time with a loved one, Faithvonic later enters the song and offers an exhilarating performance while singing of giving someone the love they deserve. We can't get enough of the fluttering and tight sonics that take us through the luminosity of Afrobeat/Afropop, drifting the song to the outro with heart.

Don't miss out on the warmth of Angel Dweh and Faithvonic on their recent collaboration, "Come Over (feat. Faithvonic)," and get into the groove with each spirited sonic and passionate lyric.

What was the sonic creative process like when formulating the production for "Come Over (feat. Faithvonic)"? Did you work with any other producers to help with the song's arrangement?

Well, when we send the song files to Liberian producer Mr. Valemo in Liberia, we had him send us his work of the song, and also we give him notes about the track, he was able to follow our notes, also Mr. Valemo and I chat doing the process of the mix & mastering of the song, and when he sends us the final mix & masterpieces of the song, I love it.

You've mentioned that you create a sound that's both your own and honors your motherland Liberia. How do you incorporate elements of your native country into your music?

Yes, when I am working on songs or any content I always stay true to myself by the look my root and my background, therefore I incorporate elements such as Afrobeat and create contemporary lyrics people can connect.

What is the main message you want to deliver as an artist?

As an Artist, I want to deliver a message that people our the globe can connect to, feel, and be moved, by the stories in my song. I also want Liberia's Culture and Art to be seen in popular music and with my art, my fans get to see a d experiences it.


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