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Feel The Love In toast's Debut Album, 'marcus, why's your name toast??'

Photo by @workingxholiday

Florida-based alt-pop recording artist and singer-songwriter toast release his highly-anticipated 14-track debut album entitled 'marcus, why's your name toast??'

Somewhere between the realms of alt-pop, hyper-pop, rock, and electronic lies toast's vast sounds and crafty penmanship that's as honest as the voice in your head. Expanding on the overall listening experience of his debut album, 'marcus, why's your name toast??,' toast creates this youthful and dynamic landscape that mostly surrounds his devotion for someone who's no longer in his life.

The yearn and desire he feels and performs with, especially on tracks like "sour patch kids," "5am" alongside JOE L, "dreams," and "cherry blossom," must be experienced. By far, these four sounds tugged on our heartstrings the most with toast's relatable and expressive lyrics that bring listeners a feeling of comfort and release.

Although toast uses most of the album to confess his ongoing love, reminding someone that a few songs were made for them, he spices things up right off the bat with the introductory track. That escapade, "SHE"S GOTTA GO," blasted off into the exhilarating sounds of hyper-pop meets alt-rock and energetically led us into the following three tracks "stuck in my head," "spaceships," and "we moved on" with JOE L.

These songs all carry this melodic and nostalgic pop feel that takes us right back to the 00s--we also get to meet JOE L's similar energetic, confident, and playful performance stylings. Perhaps the most refreshing point of the album was the short interlude type-piece, "tysm," which introduces us to Marcus and Joel, who thank us for listening to the album thus far.

And then there's the brilliant and vibrant pop-punk track, "hey, i miss u xo," which fires through our speakers with toast's lingering passion that places this exciting anthem deep in our hearts. When drifting into songs like "oat milk" and "pink," toast turns it down a notch and opens his heart. As he continues displaying his endless devotion, both songs offer smooth and glimmering production while "pink" brings a more groovy and rhythmic feel.

The track that stood out the most on this album was definitely "the loser song," which gives listeners an anthem for deadbeats, college dropouts, and disappointments. Anyone can relate to this track, especially within the verses when toast explains how it's been a whole week since smiling with his teeth and wondering when things will turn in his favor. This mid-tempo alt-rock tune has a certain inclusive feel, which helps us further understand toast's broad stylings.

Making our way over to the outro track, "it's all over now," toast closes off the album with a bright and feel-good listening experience that sings of fearing someone will forget him but knowing his friends will be there to pick him up. This is another feel-good tune that perfectly ends the album with a sense of hope for a brighter future while toast waves goodbye to the love that once was.

If there's anything to expect from toast's debut album, 'marcus, why's your name toast??,' it's that you'll finish the album feeling better than when it started. Experience the passion and energy for yourself; find toast's 'marcus, why's your name toast??' on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, toast. You've honestly wowed us with the expressive listening experience from your debut album, 'marcus, why's your name toast??.' How long did it take for this album to come to life? When did you begin feeling inspired?

I've felt this inspiration since late 2020. The entire transition of me dropping out of college and being in my 20s is the wholesome sound of this album. But production and recording began last summer, and we finished mixing just a month ago.

For the sake of your debut album, 'marcus, why's your name toast??,' we'd like to ask, Marcus, why is your name toast?

toast was always my username in all my video games because I could not think of any other words or phrases to use for years. In the beginning, I thought it would be a funny gag to put music under such a silly random name. But what started as a joke is now a world that I've learned to embody and express myself freely in.

How did fellow artist JOE L add to the album' marcus, why's your name toast??' What was it like collaborating with him?

Joel is one of my best friends and is the sole producer, mixer, and co-songwriter in the toast stuff with me. Because of that, every song feels like a collaboration. He's a genius and brings out the best of me when we work together. He also runs his own original music, and when we find it appropriate, we'll turn a track into a feature for him to hop on. He added so much vision to the album that complimented my heart behind it, and he helped pave such a clear way when releasing it.

Which song from 'marcus, why's your name toast??' is the most personal and meaningful to you? Why is that so?

The last song, "it's all over now," means the most to me because it's about all of the closest people in my life who most of which, if it wasn't for them, I wouldn't even be here today making music. They continue to inspire me and make me feel so loved and happy, so I wanted to make sure they got all the credit they deserved for the impact they have had on my life.

What does 'marcus, why's your name toast??' represent for you? What personal meaning and significance does this album hold with you?

marcus, why's your name toast?? represents the hardest, scariest, and most awkward times of our teenage/young adult lives. I didn't want to create something to make you relive those moments but rather an escape for you to embrace and enjoy them for what they are and what they make of you. The main significance of it is that it lets me feel nostalgic, and I can carry around that bit of joy with me everywhere I go without letting me lose touch with who I am today.


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