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Feel The Momentum Of Diquan Julius In His New Single, "Let's Dance"

Originally hailing from Hemingway, SC, Diquan Julius naturally transitioned to R&B/Soul after a Billboard-charting debut in Gospel music.

The R&B/Soul singer-songwriter is now grooving into the fall season with the official music video premiere for his latest single, “Let’s Dance.” After seeing mass success on the single release, which has been under his deal with Return Records, the D.M.V.-based independent artist has taken the visual world by storm with this feel-good record.

Bringing forth an upbeat feel to the classic R&B grooves that he revisits, there’s an enthralling pull that “Let’s Dance” hones in on as we immediately feel the need to get out of our seat be one with the record. A lively vigor is conveyed through the screen as the filmic component focuses on the high vibrations shared at a block party.

The syncopated choreography that is showcased throughout the cinematic transitions continues to keep the energy up at an all-time high as we alternate between the feel-good moments taking place at this block party and the one on one time we get to spend with Diquan Julius as he serenades the camera lens with his inimitable croons.

Reinforcing a sense of belonging and the importance of inclusivity, the funk-fueled anthem of “Let’s Dance” leaves your expectations exceeded both sonically and visually. Highlighting the step-by-step lyrical motifs that bring us to the breakdown of this track, the direction forward lyrics have Diquan Julius conveying a little slice of movement to the comfort of our own homes.

Diquan Julius has superstar status, yet he remains humble on his journey to the top. With a song and music video for “Let’s Dance” leaving us with this much joy, we’re sure that his fan base worldwide will feel the same rush that we do.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Diquan Julius, and congratulations on releasing the music video for “Let’s Dance.” With a concept that makes us feel good down to our core, what inspired the nostalgic essence of the visuals we get to take in?

The pandemic inspired me. I wanted to create a song and visual that could remind us of inviting our friends, lovers, and associates out to have a great time. I also wanted to add that retro vibe of how I visualized my parents’ era would have gone out to dance and have a great time. I want music and the world to feel good again.

How have you found your career thriving since signing to Return Records? Have you been able to work side by side in bringing these visions of yours to fruition?

So far, with Return, we are in a second phase. The label has been compressed to about three artists, focusing on us with commercialization and monetization. I have been working with the label manager with some ideas for music video visuals, including Let’s Dance. They are currently assisting with my artist development.

What inspired the overall concept of “Let’s Dance” sonically and visually?

I originally wrote this song to attempt a pitch to Bruno Mars. He is an artist that I felt knew how to deliver a sound so classic to me. I knew that I wanted to create a great experience in music, so it resulted in me going back to a very significant era in my admiration for music.

Leaving your audience on such a high note with this track, is this the sound and energy we can expect from you moving forward?

With this first project, yes. My main focus is to make classic music. To me, that retro 80’s sound with Michael Jackson, Prince, etc., was such a classic era. Granted, I would love to touch other eras, but just knowing how to deliver is the key to making it sound modern. We may get some different sounds coming in the future, though.


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